Guess the location (a new game)


NSW border


Not Australia and not Thailand


India? Near Agra?


The NiLe?


Yes it’s the Nile, now for the location




Khartoum, Sudan?


Considering it looks like two rivers I’d say it’s wjere they join at Khartoum


Yes. You can just make out a building in the background. Photo taken on the Nile with the White Nile bridge and White Nile on the right and the Blue Nile on the left. Very interesting country and I’d love to return one day.


Where’s this one…


Well, according to Google,


Image result


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Well, some people live there…but mostly tourists in this shot


can you get a smaller photo?


Sorry I’m on mobile.

If it’s not working.

Someone else can kick off I’m busy


Sarcasitica filter broken I see.


Rottnest Island?


But it’s in AU




Closer to the G


Phillip Island?