Haircuts - winning the Flag by a close shave

A surprising amount of posters seem to rate players by their haircuts, sensible or otherwise.
Obviously any team needs a mix of these, just as a team comprised solely of party animals is condemned to ‘70’s St Kilda mediocrity, or a team of introverted intellectuals can’t spend all their time sipping Grange with the coach.
So we have the gamut of styles, from Laverde’s sharp sides to Joe’s floppy locks.
But what does it mean for their football?
Will Jake Long’s new look intimidate his opponents to the extent he cements a place in the best 22?
Which player will change his look over pre season to indicate a new approach to his game?
Whose haircut properly matches their personality (Remember the Antrobus mullet?)
Should Darcy revert to the traditional country kid bowl cut?
Who wore the man bun better - Hooker or Hurls?

Many fascinating questions to be answered over the next four months.

Hooksy got a haircut

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Thank ■■■■ for that.

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Is this for real?

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Yes. Bellcho posted it on his instagram story a little while ago

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People equate Sensible Haircut to Sensible Attitude.

Then you have Dustin Martin and that throws that argument out the window.


The moment someone has to pause and readjust their hair while waiting to take a mark is when I lose my ■■■■ with long hair (e.g. Hepp). Either tie it back or cut it.

Other than that, it may not be to my personal taste, but who cares. Just don’t like distractions.

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So is Hooker’s new haircut a determined, hard at it, backmans haircut, or a lairy forward type haircut?

No silly haircuts in our last premiership team.

Do Brazilians count?

Who was the last grand final captain with a crazy haircut?

from memory sensible haircuts have:
Ling (anomaly)

In the last 20 years only 1 non-sensible haircut captained a grand final win.

You may be cheating a bit by including 4 bald blokes / shaved heads in McVeigh, Hall, Tredrea, and Judd.
Short of adopting the Robbie McGhee look they didn’t have a lot of choice re their tonsuring locks.
Although I’d agree that Captain Sensible is usually the look most clubs go for.

Shaving is the most sensible thing, men holding onto wisps is just embarrassing for all involved.

Bruce Doull says hi

KB’s combover was a thing of beauty.

What if they wear a hat tho?

The hairdresser snipped it all off sideways, but haven’t been able to get a good look at it. All his photos since have him wearing a hat. I hope we find oit soon. This could make or break our season