Happy Anniversary 16th Flag

17 years ago today we won our last flag
How close are we to our next one ?


Fark, I got so drunk at that game. Actually, to be honest, I was drunk at the pub before I even got to the ground.

I was 19 years old, had already seen 4 flags (in my lifetime, was only a little tacker in 84/85, but I’d watched the replays 1000 times each) and it seemed like footy was always going to be awesome for us Bomber fans…


Also, the Sydney Olympics happened later in September, which were also awesome…

Man, September 2000 was a sweet time to be alive.


That’s awesome…I was only 4 in 2000 so cannot wait for the day we win our next and to get horrendously drunk and watch the replay every day for the six months after.


It’s as good as you’d imagine it to be. You sing ‘See the bombers fly up’ so many times, at the pub, on the tram, at the after party, in the middle of Crown at 4am…

Losing the 2001 game was as bad as you’d imagine, though. That farkin sucked.


2000 felt a bit like '85 to me - brilliant team getting the job done until the inevitable Premiership.
Felt more relief than overwhelming joy.
'84 & '93 on the other hand, were sheer exhilaration; as #17 will be!!


Yeah, there was an element of relief about it, especially following the whole’ 99 business.

I was at 1993, but was only a young teenager, so as good as it was… I wished I was older.

1984 must have been insane.

1984 was literally unbelievable.
After losing a classic, tough, but incredibly frustrating final to them 2 weeks earlier, I feared at half time at the GF, it was gonna happen again. Then to witness that last quarter unleashed; it was the most amazing, emotional, barnstorming quarter of footy I’ve ever experienced.


Was lucky enough to be at 84, 85 and 93 wins. Watched 2000 on tele, I was 23 and my interest in footy had waned a little through the late teens and didn’t kick in til the late 20’s once I’d come back from a few years in the UK. I was another of these babies who had been spoilt for flags but footy had changed and I missed Windy Hill. Finished a degree, moved back to Europe, we were a bit rubbish again but being in Paris something made me really reconnect with Essendon and I’d listen to radio forecast (and a rare stream) of games on a Fri/Sat arvo with a couple cheap 4 packs of Leffe or Grimbergen. I remember being in Brussels for a few days when we drafted Gumbo.

What I do remember of 2000 is Barnes and Wallis bawling their eyes out afterwards, Caracella’s steadying goal, Long’s bump and the amount of Fosters ads was ridiculous for how unpopular a beer it had become since our fathers and Grandfathers drank it in the 70’s. I was shitfaced by the time it was over, it was a nice warm spring afternoon too.


2000 was awesome and with the Olympics on I got to spend another 2 weeks watching replays of 2000.

Still, the best game we played was the QF. Still remember when King kicked that first goal I was nervous, thinking “■■■■, they are on here”. Then we smashed them in the next 10 minutes and by QT the game was over.


Oh yeah, that QF was something else. Let’s just beat the reigning premiers (and a team who had owned us for the 90’s) by 125 points, as Lloyd kicks his 100th.

Suck sh*t Duck, Arch, Kingy, Stevo and all those farkin hateable ■■■■■■.


And the North Melbourne supporting flog who tried his best to pick a fight with me right up until the time the entire security was occupied with the Lloyd inspired ground invasion, then conveniently disappeared for the day.

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I was 11 when we won that flag. I honestly cannot remember much of it, or before that. So basically, my whole footy memory bar us in early 2000’s has been us being sh*t


I was in grade 1 in 2000. I thought it’d always be this good. Every Monday at school the teacher and I would celebrate win after win after win. I remember going to Airport West the week after the granny to get the game on VHS and the Premiers t shirt. The Melbourne Show that year was cool too with more premiers merchandise. The Sydney games were fun too cause I had a crush on Nikki Webster. Strange child I was.


I actually fear for your health if we win one in the next few years.


Never picked you are being 28, guess they mature much later in WA.

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The 3rd quarter was crazy. Just pouring the goals on, smoking Joe had a field day. Of they had fantasy points/supercoach back then he would have clocked nearly 200.

Still remember McKernan at the first bounce, carrying on all pumped up, was quite a laugh.

Commentators were good then too. Richard Osborne made the point that we were doing it against the reigning premier, not just any team and Dunstall actually liked us then.

Game day thread for the 1984 Grand Final would be gold.

5.15.45 trails 10.8.68 at three quarter time…


Evem 85 would be funny. For the first 3 quarters, they stayed with us, whenever we got it to 5 goals, they would kick a couple against the run of play and stay in it. I reckon at time on in the 3rd we may have only been up for 3-4 goals.

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I reckon Long’s hit on Troy Simmonds was the moment head hit changed for good.