Happyclappers and the inability to be critical of Essendon

I was gonna put this in the review thread, but I want to move out of the general grumbling and have some real talks. If mods think otherwise then do your thing.

I woke up this morning to a notification that a full day seminar I had on was rescheduled. Which means I’m bored. And when I’m bored I pick fights.

I read through last week’s team announcement thread, and made note of every poster that expected a win, and wanted to to rub it in all of their faces that they didn’t get to happyclap to a win and therefore can’t really enjoy the loss.

Don’t give me “huuuuuurr lid on” or “it was only by sixty three points against a top 4 side”. The comp is way more lopsided than it’s ever been and there’s that much more difference between the top and bottom sides like there used to be.

I got real keen to stir some sht to fill out my Friday. But then my stupid dumb empathy kicked in and I thought about why some supporters seem to find excitement in watching their favourite team play medicore footy and get enjoyment out of mediocrity. There’s gotta be something going on. Is it the some simpleton mentality that doesnt allow for critical thought? Are you still blindly following the club from “the saga”? Have you just been happy since your childhood when Essendon won flags? Is it disappointment in adulthood itself and blind faith in the club is projected on to the team?

Talk to me Blitz. I’m listening.

P.S. This thread was always coming @Simmo


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Sadly I think some people just dont have much else going on in their lives apart from EFC. Real bummer, as we are just an endless misery train.

Good call

The groomers and the clappers are just as delusional as each other.

The OP is just a nonsensical ramble that further supports this

I mean, I don’t see a problem with people wanting us to win and hoping we will. I have seen zero success ever, ever. I’m only now just having the faith and interest driven out of me where I am no longer getting keen for wins or expecting good things. :man_shrugging: some of us have never seen any good times.

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Am i doing it right?

We are now seeing the sting of draft penalties from the saga,on top of poor development,and not truly bottoming out for any period to give us consecutive years of low picks.

We have got some classy guys from other clubs,which led us to believe,like the club.That if it all clicked,we could be a force.

But that was with JD in the forward line,and Fanta n Tippa at his feet. Neither have done anything for 2 years.

So many factors,some out of the clubs control.

When you write a best 22,it looks very strong.



I dont think theres any problem at all with people always thinking or wanting is to win. Without that type of optimism there is no supporters.

Thats what footy used to be, before the AFL corporate money hungry manipulating business it now is.

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