Hard Tag


Loved it.


Reckon the whole ensemble is terrific.


Not bad at all. Belly speaks very clearly, but Hookseys mike could be EQ’d better to suit his pitch. What he was saying was hard to pick up at times, and sounded muffled a bit would be the only thing I’d say to improve.


When they talk about Hibbo, and they say “he had a relationship with Goodwin so I think that got him over the line”, the host, Jack, says something I can’t quite pick up.

Does he say,…“Did he say Simon Goodwin pressed him/pressured him” or is it something about “question”?

TB & Chook respond yeah he did he did …


Pretty sure he said ‘poached him’.

Enjoyed the show, will keep on listening.


Thought at the start it’d be somewhat cringeworthy, but actually quite enjoyed it


Loved it and think it will get better as it goes on as Jack gets to know the other two better


So we can all assume Worsfold wont be anywhere near it?


Nice start

I will definitely tune in again.

loved the Goddard jabs


Add me to the list of people who dig it. Thought it was great, and unlike many footy podcasts - didn’t drag on. 30-40 minutes is plenty.


Enjoyed it. You’d trust Hooksy with your secrets…not willing to give too much ‘inner sanctum’ stuff away.


Listening now. Great chat, good banter.


Irony in the name I guess. Can’t remember us actually doing a hard tag for the past 2 years.


Good listening for the morning commute and will improve with a few more under the belt. Like the efforts of our media team this year, stepped up in all areas bar VFL.

On the podcast front for anyone interested, the Jock and Journo podcast the Pies put out with Pendles and Jay Clarke is also sensational.


For some reason I had it in my head that Belly had the personality of a toaster. He’s pretty good.


He’s always been politely spoken with a gentle clear voice in interviews and it does kinda belie what you think looking at him.


A real sensitive character as well I’ve heard.

Get’s really nervous and throws up before games on a regular basis. Obviously has high anxiety levels and is quite the gentle soul.

After learning this I definitely looked at him differently.


Listening to it now. Very good.

Particularly enjoy the frequent use of the phrase “Taking the pyss”.

@Riolio: Remember when EFC wanted to buy the Blitzcast but we weren’t allowed to use swears?



I got a feeling this isnt produced by Essendonfc - but by Jack Post


Good show.

After one of my posts in another thread talking about where the game was headed, it was interesting to hear Cale refer to himself (and the players) as being “in the entertainment industry”.


Great Podcast, loved the banter…Good insight