Hard Tag


As soon as Jobe feels so inclined, he walks in to a media career.


I say keep Jobe as a host from the US.
Also how does the club get this into Google Play or Apple music. Would be great on google play for me to download on the road.


This is the best thing we’ve ever done on the site.


Hard tag is the best thing essendon media has done, its awesome.

on the podcast front, why is the friday footy panel, now the footy panel and now on mondays?


Got a podcast app? search essendon football club, they put up all sorts of media, podcasts/footypanel/radio interviews.


http://pca.st/GnSe might work if you use pocketcasts app


Download audioboom. They’re the ones who host all EssendonFc audio files. They’re uploaded as soon as it’s on the website.

Pops Kelly would be great on the show.

Darc would be too, but I seem to love hearing stories of yesteryear it makes for great listening.

The Gus monfries stories were great.


whilst this works, if you already listen to podcasts on your phone, search bomber radio/ essendon football club, and it’ll be added.


Yeah, didn’t love that. But, it is what it is.




It’s an entertainment industry!
What else is it? War? Politics? It just entertainment. That’s what sport is. We pay lots of money, so entertainers can put on a great performance for us while becoming relatively wealthy. Vast amounts of money and resources are spent to make the viewers feel invested, patriotic, tribal…‘it’s YOUR game’. But it isn’t, really. It’s just a show. Going mental about it is just like a fish going mental on a hook.


As I said, it is what it is - or that’s the way it has gone.

Doesn’t mean it has always been, needs to be, or I have to like it.


I’m just a fish myself, anyway.


Podcast is great. Does anyone know whether any other clubs have a similar show or is this essendon being innovative?


What else do you want it to be though?

Sport is and always has been entertainment, the fact people pay money to go see the elite perform in their chosen sport makes it entertainment.


Seem to see Julian De Stoop on Fox Sports News regularly on Fridays of late so I’m guessing it had something to do with those commitments.

Pies have a ripping one with Pendles and Jay Clarke - well worth a listen on the morning commute despite allegiances.


You could have Tim W on there and struggle to tell the difference vocally. He’s never sounded more like his father


Loving Hard Tag- great initiative!


Loved driving to work today listening to episode 2.
Hilarious, and well overdue.

Looking forward to more of it.


lol Jobe was awesome.