Hard Tag


I love how all the standard robotic media rehearsed responses have been thrown out the window.
Great to the players having a yarn and telling stories.
Wonderful stuff :+1::+1:


Another great episode, easily the best media to come out of the club.


I missed the pump em up/throw them under segment but just as funny as always. Who do we think should replace Hooksy and Belly once they retire?


Really enjoying it- great light hearted banter.


Langford and Francis. Turn it into a softly spoken, relaxation podcast


If the podcast is still around in 3-4 years’ time then Razzle Dazzle and Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish.


You definitely need players who have been around for 7or 8 years… the stories they tell of yesteryear are brilliant.

Razzle and Parish would be excellent choices.


Number one sports podcast. Well done boys.


Belly and in particular, Hooksey - are ■■■■■■■ hilarious.


Best media production EFC have ever put out, Gold.

They should definitely do an early in the day Mad Monday podcast.


“Laconic Tag”


Rhys Mathieson next year. book it.


Very entertaining, started with 3 but going back to 2 and 1 now.


Big Belly. That’s one smooth radio voice.


I thought the same.

Great podcast, love it


Just caught up on this and thought it was fantastic, can’t wait for this week’s episode. Thought Jobe’s was the funniest.

But the host really needs to learn to not cut in mid story, found it irritating a few times that the guys were getting into an answer and then he goes on a tangent with another question and they never finish.

I know it’s informal and supposed to just flow along but let them finish first.


Yeah, only thing that ■■■■■ me.

So will it only be on during the season?


Yeah. Think they said it would run up to their last game. After their last game is mad Monday, so they weren’t too keen on podcasting in that condition.


Farking thank you EFC for putting on Hard Tag and letting us hear that these blokes are not just media bots that repeat the same old emotionless lines.

Very refreshing to hear them being natural and taking the ■■■■ out of each other.

Please put this back on during the pre-season to give us our Bomber fix!


Ep. 4 with Zaka is up, very good again. Great content