Hard Tag


Just finished listening to it on Player FM right now.


I imagine it must be a bit tricky for him cos all the players would be good mates and get all the references whereas he’s an outsider and trying to tease out inside info that the players know that the audience doesn’t. I think he’ll get better as he gets more friendly with the players and starts to properly understand the clubs culture/quirks


I went to the AGM the year that Zaka was drafted. The new players were introduced to the members. Afterwards, when I was walking home, I ended up seeing four of the new players jumping into a car in a side street. There was Zaka, Hurls and two others. The number plate was ‘ZAKKA’.

I thought OK, this guy is a bit full of himself. Seems his sisters stitched him up.







So good! Did Razzel make the end of the night… looks blind


T-Bell is a very funny bloke. Love how the boys have taken Pidge under their wing.


This is such a good podcast. Can’t wait for it to return next year. T-Bell is a funny dude.


I think Hooker hilarious. He sounds like he’s talking through a snorkel.


Hard Tag gives a brilliant insight into the personalities at the club. You just don’t get that through any other media.


Gotta love Hooksey and T-Bell - the go to duo when bringing Stringer across the line - wonder if he’ll get a gig on hard tag episode 1, 2018?!


Has anyone heard if the lads are returning for round 1?


The question everyone needs answered.


I ran into Hooksy in Port Melbourne about a month ago. My only question was “when is Hard Tag returning?”. Whilst he looked at me like I was a total nuffie, he did say it would be returning once the season starts :+1:


Yippie! Thank you for the info!