Has the AFL breached the duty of care and responsibility to provide a safe work environment?

After 30 minutes of football:


+ Tippett gone; knee ligament jarred when landing

+ Tom Mitchell gone; angle twisted when landing 

+ Some Carlscum player gone, Curnow I think, knee injury


Commentators, including a medical Dr, have drawn conclusions that all three injuries due to the condition of the ground. They are all saying the ground is very uneven. Lingy said the condition of the ground was having a material deterimental impact on the player ability to compete.


Amazingly, an NRL game was played on the same oval last night.


Was the AFL aware of the NRL game last night? Did the AFL investigate the condition of the oval today after last nights NRL game? Given that the AFL players are told where to perform their duties as an employee, the legal Standard of Care that the AFL owe to their neighbours at law (ie the players) is considerable and the issue of the condition of the ground, IMO, is of paramount importance in providing a work environment free of hazard and absolutely warrants the consideration of any reasonable prudent employer or principal.


Or do they only have one oval in Sydney?




Is there even an SCG-size crowd there, anyway?




NickyD, you're up.

Wasn't OHS made illegal during the past week?

The ground may have caused some injuries last night ( I doubt it though) but the important thing is that none were Essendon players so all is good. It's just a shame more carlscum players didn't go down...yes yes, I know, I'm a spiteful ■■■■■■■.

Can Someone just expose Richard Collis for the arrogant prick that he is, and in doing so, kick his chardonnay sipping ■■■■ 5 years into retirement.

The Swans should NEVER have signed that deal with ANZ.

It's their own fault. PS. Carlton can rot in hell.

Yes, the AFL knew there was an NRL final.


Yes, the AFL people checked the ground prior to the game AND yes the AFL signed off that all was well.

[quote name=“TomsDons” post=“47229” timestamp=“1379164509”]OHS
NickyD, you’re up.[/quote]
Shut the place down

[quote name=“David J Richardson” post=“47231” timestamp=“1379164947”]Wasn’t OHS made illegal during the past week?[/quote]
It is all about making rich people richer now.
If a few poor folk have to die or be badly injured then well so be it.

This I am reliably told with the surface is that for NRL games they drop temporary stands on the sidelines and the weight has farked the underground drainage.

Vlad should quit in disgrace.

Check out who has 50% ownership of ANZ Stadium. Conflict of interest?