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I reckon I could. I just need that push as I do go for a walk/jog every second day for 30mins and eat somewhat healthy.

Wife and I crunched the numbers and atm its a bit pricy on a single income with 2 kids.


Anyone lose weight swimming before?
My hip n knee are goneski…

Can only do upper body resistance, and swimming now!!


A lot easier to NOT eat 500 calories than it is to exercise it off.


So I can 100% just tighten the diet up and do 3 weights 2 x swim sessions and drop up to 1/2 kilo a week??

I’m really struggling to eat clean and get massive sugar cravings after tea!!

Need to lose about 8kg.

Thanks for any advice.


You could drop weight solely via diet if you were so inclined (though obviously there are MANY additional benefits to various exercise modalities).

Hopefully you’re in a position to do this but if there’s no sugar in the house odds are your cravings won’t over power your CBF’d-ness about going to the shops to get some


Ha true that.



No probs.
Diet isn’t my strong suit but if you’re not already, I would track everything you eat over the week (whether via pen and paper or an app like MyFitnessPal) for a regular week (ie weddings probably aren’t regular) and strongly consider seeing a proper nutritionist or dietiticion.
For mine it’s about having meal options and flexibility that will allow you to adhere to it better.


That’s impressive. Do you mind me asking how much you lost in the 12 weeks? Just out of interest.

I’m very lightly built and I’ve never been grossly overweight, but there are about 4-5 kg distributed about my frame (especially the middle) that I would be well rid of; and as someone well into middle age (think Noonan) it’s not at all easy.


Slight typo there: @Alan_Noonan_10 was actually well into the Middle Ages.


My diet I’ve tightened up on. But could do a shitload better


I have done it twice- after the birth of each of my kids. First time I post 10kgs. Second time I post 7kgs.


I did the same later last year. Hurt my knee and had 2 months off. Been back for 3 weeks and have dropped 4kgs since my return as well.

I love doing it but the damn skipping almost kills me. Im coming from a long way back and could handle dropping another 20kgs or so.

It’s a good thing i have no pride because im usually a red, sweating, panting heap of steaming blubber by the end of each 90 minute session.


Well Mex, I am probably much older than you, but that mess you talk about would be me in 5 minutes.

See what you have to look forward to !


You are crap at pep talks :rofl:

I go with a few mates so that makes it harder to back out. Im aiming for the end of the year results rather than week by week.


Yep, when I coached Under 9’s, they didn’t listen to a word I said.

Anyone who can do a 90 minute session is not doing that bad. Losing wight often means a big change in life-style and that includes drinking and eating, and all those things we really like to do.

And it really sucks, as I have a group of Mates who are all as old as me, well into our sixties, who never put on weight and drink and eat whatever they like and always have.


I’ve dropped 13kg since Melbourne Cup. 83 down to 70. I base most of it on the diet change (more so portion control than what I actually eat) because my exercise schedule is all over the place. Do grouse for a week and then slack for three. Get back on for a month and take a weeks break.


Intermittent fasting

16 hours off 8 hours on for eating. Normally first meal at 12.30, just a black coffee and water.

Lots of water during the day

Seems to be working well, from 96 to 89. Great mental clarity, also heading to the gym 5-6 times


I’d be willing to bet at least one has a diet/exercise related co-morbidity that’ll get him early


All have reached 65 and now live decadently.

None gave ever smoked much except for weed when we were much younger. Two are divorced, now with much younger Partner so they are a chance to die on the nest, the rest of us get none so we safe, unless we visit Phuket again in a " business" trip.

Most played active sport into their 30’s and surprisingly have healthy joints.

I love them, but hate them.


Righto experts…my 8yo played his 1st game for the season. Afterwards I asked him how he felt he went and what he would like to improve on. Thinking I could help him with kicking or marking etc. He said he wishes he was faster.

So, how do I help my 8yo get faster?