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It’s guesswork.


A fit person won’t get to their MHR


A rough guide that could be out by 50% isn’t better than rolling three dozen die and taking that as the number.


How about resting heart rate, what should people be looking at there?



I think 3bpm is fine.

If you’re a crocodile.


Do yourselves a favour and read a book titled, ‘World’s Fittest Book’ by Ross Edgley. Very practical and holistic guide to improving fitness in all areas.

For those who don’t know, Ross Edgley is the guy who swam around the entire coastline of Great Britain non stop.

Very good read.


my resting heart rate is middle to low 50’s …am currently 3 months off from riding from sydney to the gold coast …will be interesting to check it at the end of each day…953kms in 7 days !


I’m proof that a heart rate in the 50s doesn’t mean you’re fit.


How do you record it? I don’t sleep with my HRM (watch), but it attempts to give me a value every day, which seems to be the lowest it sees in the day ± a little bit. I have some doubts about its accuracy. (7 day average 51, with values 43-63)


I’d be more concerned if it read 51BPM every day; we’re not robots.


i normally do it after waking up or late at night when fully relaxed…


What the hell are you talking about here?


from garmin
lowest resting point in last 7 days has been 33
average resting rate last 4 days 53,47,47,46


33 is very low. I remember Tracey Wickham, who had just won quite a few Olympic Golds, telling a couple of former Olympic swimmers (male) that her resting rate was 32 and they were pretty impressed. As was I.

Mine’s pretty consistently 54-56.


That’s about the same as mine. Has come down over the last few years from the lower 70’s.


Apparently Miguel Indurain had a resting heart rate of 28!!


Speaking of reliable trackers of HR, along with other useful data like activity, distance, even sleep, does anyone own or know of someone who uses an Oura Ring ?

I see fitness experts like Ben Greenfield wear them all the time.
The older models look chunky as, but now they appear normal ring size.
Expensive, but all the good trackers are from Apple, Garmin, Polar etc…


Never heard of it.
I have a garmin 235 with wrist HRM, I used to wear it all day, not sleeping tho.
Now battery is poor (only 2 years old) I usually only put it on before running as battery only lasts a few days.


Foot pain, medial/arch pain, much worse when weight bearing. Anyone know what it could be and more importantly who do I see? Doctor, podiatrist or physio?