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They always tell me to lose weight so I’d suggest a dietitian.


I reckon a doctor from a sports medicine clinic is best. I’ve been to one at 250 Collins Street quite a few times and what they’ve said has always made sense. Sometimes the doctor has done the treatment; other times the doctor’s referred me to a physio. Melbourne Sports Medicine. It’s a big clinic and very busy and they have all the different services there.


Plantar fasciitis maybe?
Have you been doing an increased amount of running/walking?

Sports Doc/good physio would be the best bet.
I never go to a GP unless I want a referral for a scan so it costs less (or nothing if I can find somewhere that bulk bills)


That’s what it sounds like to me…


Agree. Freeze a bottle of water and then use it for rolling under your foot. Oh and rest…but you know.


I’ve probably run less this year than late last year, but yeah I went from not running for 12 months (due to an awful pregnancy) to running again, but I did the C210k so built up slowly.

Also the pains not in my heel but further forward and what I can see of plantar fasciitis it’s usually heel pain.

I have Pilates today so I’ll ask my physio and I’ve got a podiatrist on Friday - my orthotics are over due for review anyway.


I have heard a golf ball can be used as well on the foot if its plantar, like a massage of foot to help remove pain, get bloodflow there etc.

I have a small spiky ball which got from a sports store, its good too just feels nice.


when my PF was at it’s worst, the first few steps after rest were the main issue - ie, either getting out of bed, or getting up from a chair - it was excruciating. And it did tend to be further back under the heel, but sometimes radiated up to the middle of the foot.

I had a cortisone injection which got rid of it for a month, but then it came back (not unexpected really!). So I ended up having a few rounds of electro shock wave therapy, which killed, but did the trick.

Now it tends to stay away if I make sure I wear good shoes, and try not to walk around bare foot (which I used to do a lot!). It’s worth investing in some good quality thongs so you have something to slip into as soon as you get out of bed - Hoka make a really good one.

If I wear crap shoes a couple of days in a row I feel it start pretty well straight away, and I realllllly don’t want it back again!!


No, the plantar fascia definitely runs along the arch.
Podiatrists are a good one to ask, there are exercises and stretches you can do. And possibly change in shoes.


Yeah, the physio think it is. I think my runners are fine but it’s my other shoes that are a problem. Definitely need something thats not thongs


Not sure if anyone follows/has done weightlifting, but this save is ridiculous