Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho - it’s off to North he goes

So where is the Angry Little Dwarf Off To?

  • Carlton
  • Collingwood
  • GWS
  • Suns
  • West Coast
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I don’t want him anywhere near the Klan.

AFL will do everything they can to get him to the Gold Coast.


I hope it’s Carlton and I hope it ends as well as Malthouse

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Where’s the Hell option?

(Yes, I know some of these teams qualify as that.)


Taking this with a grain of salt…A mate of mine heard from his rubbish truck guy who heard from Ronnie McKeown (ex pie player) that he is as good as signed at the Pies. Just posting here for laughs ( or kudos if it turns out to be true)

I reckon that Clarko is a great coach but I think that he works in a certain type of system.

Hawks have a headstrong president, and an exceptionally run administration.

In a club that doesn’t have those things I think that he may become uncontrollable.

I would be surprised to see him get to Collingwood as his relationship with Graeme Wright was reportedly pretty fractured.

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He has a higher calling


Anyone hoping that he would flame out Pagan/Malthouse style at FC if he got the job there will be in for a rude shock. Those guys were arguably cooked as AFL coaches when they walked in the doors at Princes Park. Pagan definitely was (and also inherited a ■■■■ sandwich with the salary cap rorting and subsequent draft sanctions). Clarkson definitely is not. He’s still a sharp tactician and yesterday’s masterclass shows that. He took a bang averse Hawks team and set them up to completely nullify the Dogs ball movement. He would get instant improvement out of their current list, but how far that would take them who knows?


I’d be prepared for anything. Unstoppable force vs immovable mindset

If I was him I would take a year off and milk the Hawks coin. Then come back the following year. I believe he can make 450k for doing SFA next year. If he takes a coaching gig he won’t get it. Why wouldn’t you sit back and put a big hole in the soft cap of the club that give you the flick?

Take a year off then do a Sheeds. Get paid by the Afl to get the TassieDevils up and running!!!

Malthouse was cooked in 2013, after coaching a side to 1st & a prelim in 2011; and a flag in 2010 ?

But Clarkson 2022 still has it, with his last finals win being in 2015?

All Malthouse, Pagan and Clarkson across the last 5 odd years tells you is that a good coach of a ■■■■ side doesn’t get you far. Might get you the odd win against the odds. Won’t get anywhere until they’ve got the talent.

(Which C**ton don’t)

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I think Collingwood farked up getting rid of Malthouse. They would have won with him in place. Buckley took a great team and turned them into a rubbish football side. Figjam just couldn’t be told and Eddie’s love for him stuffed them up in the end.

I still think the AFL will throw the cheque book at Clarko to get him to Gold Coast. A five year gig to get them close as he can.

And he will shred the joint, that club won’t know what hit them when he start ranting for things to improve.

l feel dirty for saying this, but l thank Eddie for getting Nattan into the position.


judging by his comments about a stand alone team and the 2026 timeframe, he might be setting himself up for a nice long (lucrative) development tenure with the Tassie team…

Agreed. As long as he was there, mediocrity was guaranteed.

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My worry is that Clarko will do the opposite at FCFC.

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If he could swing it, the lowest hanging fruit for Clarko, is GWS, he’d get a couple of flags with that list in 4-5 yrs, and would go out as a serious coaching legend.

My wish on the other hand is that they infect him with their culture and drag him down to their level, doing great damage to his legacy.

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