Help requested - cooking assistant


I’ve got a party coming up (Christmas in July) and the person I was getting to assist me with cooking/cleaning during the crunch hours now can’t attend.

I’d found them on the recommendation of someone at work, so I haven’t had to go looking for any assistance myself. Now that I’m doing so, I’m finding it hard to find a website or person who can assist. I don’t want/need a full on (expensive) chef, or someone coming in with their own recipe and food. I’m doing most of the cooking, all the food purchasing, and most of that is happening (to the degree possible) before the day or early on the day. What I want is someone to assist during the crunch period where meat is coming in/out of the oven, vegies are going on, the pudding is boiling away, everything needs to be dished up and then to wash up while the rest of us eat/drink. Not something I need an expensive chef for, but I do need someone trustworthy and who can do simple cooking requirements.

Does anyone know where I should look?


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Isn’t that why the invented teenagers i.e slave labour. Do you know any responsible enough teenager that wants to earn 100 bucks.

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That was the previous point of call!

However, the answer is “not really”. My friends kids are much younger, same with my cousins kids.

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I’ll try that, thanks.

Keep in touch, if the air talker doesn’t suit. I may have a Uni student who I can hire out.

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Will do and thanks.

I did think there must be some students doing cooking classes who might want some cash.

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You could try contacting William Angliss - they might have a system where students get placed with casual work?

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looks like he’s fangin’ for some sweet work hookups