Here's THE TEAM (final) vs Gold Coast LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGY (Francis calf :( Parish rested)

IN: M.Stokes, J.Simpkin, O.Fantasia, J.Long,

OUT: B.Goddard (Groin), C.Dempsey (Hamstring), A.Francis (Calf), D.Parish (Calf)

B: M Dea, M Hartley, C.McKenna

HB: A.Cooney, M.Brown, P.Ambrose

C: Z.Merrett, D.Zaharakis, M.Gleeson

HF: J.Kelly, J.Laverde, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti

F: M.Stokes, J.Daniher, J.Long

Foll: M.Leuenberger, C.Bird, O.Fantasia

IC FROM: J.Merrett, J.Polkinghorne, J.Simpkin, S.Grimley

EMERG: K.Langford, M.Redman, W.Hams,

Tippa, Raz, Longy and McKenna are gonna combine for a world record number of running bounces.

Fanta: (

Why the sad face, Ivan?

Jarrad Grant is getting a game for farks sake, we can roll these kents.

Get rid of Grimley, play Redman up forward. Don’t even bother with a ruck chop out, it’s overrated.

TBH, Ambrose probably is better than Grimley as a ruck chop out, and as we all know, thats just a “placeholder” role.
Try something different. Go for a small forward line. Kick the ball in low / run it in . They will probably double team Joey and when the ball comes in low it will be a complete surprise. At least for one quarter.

Francis calf and Parish calf :frowning:

Calf/Managed I reckon

Stokes named on ground too.

100th for Polky.

Calf/Managed I reckon

hope so. but Francis had calf trouble earlier in the year. Might as well cotton wool him if any concerns. Hopfully Parish is just a bit of tightness from a full season carrying our midfield (pardoning Zerrett [c])

Do not like those outs

Onya longy

Hope to see Redman, hams, Simpkin and the Langford from bench

Francis calf and Parish calf :(
Francis calf and Parish calf :(
Too young to be cows.

Parish is rested as the AFL site says.

As if it isn’t just being managed. General soreness.

The kids have put in a mountain of work this year, none more than Darcy. And Francis giving his all off limited preparation.

Excited to see Longy debut, and Fanta, Redman & Langford back in.

Fanta: (

yeah, video from clubsite says Parish rested, and Woosha sayd he wants both Francis and Parish to get their bodies right for a big finish to the year.

In other words, Fark Carlton.

Francis calf and Parish calf :(
Old man's disease.

Career over.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Francis is fine other than the fact that he’s just cooked already and not fit enough.

No top ups brigade pls. Langford Hams Longy Redman and Orazio in. Grimley can go.

this video

Fanta: (

not happy he’s on-ball ivan?