Here's THE TEAM vs Pies

Had about 10min of sunshine peaking through cloud and now it’s starting to rain.

Radar smadar. Can’t trust weather people

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Lol. People don’t decide the radar, the devices do.

These devices don’t know Essington.


Hahaha fair call

Yep, you know what day it is right

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if Essendon losses against Collingwood today. what is the excuse will John Worsfold use, our first lose against carlton was chemistry, our second lose was , players of hit the wall, so what is the conundrum, he will throw up now

What if we winned?

We hat, excuse worsfold off up? then


I think he’ll blame you.


Yep, and reckon they’ll fire up, but nothing like the Swans a couple of weeks ago. Just think it’s a message that loses its force the more it’s repeated. I think both teams will come out fired up, but I question if Collingwood can maintain it for a full game, and if it comes down to footy v footy then we’ve got more weapons.

The really bad block of rain has passed but will just get light scattered showers all day it seems.

Going to be a scrappy game with wet greasy footy

It’s raining in the G


Even tho I put some dosh on Collingwood, your bravery on believing Essington turn up for the third week straight is admirable. Hope I’m wrong and you win big today.

Where is this mythical “Royal”? Is it the tittie joint?


What tram to THE ROYAL?

Just get the train to Richmond. Probs easier.

Wonder if the Pies have the balls to play Cox (pun intended).

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Third lose will makes lots bombres supports throw up now.
What, is the, conundrum is what you. saying, hit the wall.,chemistry is Dank

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Put 40 on us to win today.

It’s def gonna rain, lower chance during our game though.