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Nathan Buckley gives Mark McGough a call after seeing the weather forecast

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has given Mark McGough a phone call this morning, in what appears to be a last-ditch attempt at bolstering their chances on Anzac Day.

The move comes after seeing the latest weather forecast, with rain currently predicted to fall during the game.

McGough famously starred as a 17-year-old on Anzac Day in 2002, collecting 24 disposals in the wet in just his second game.

“Yeah, Bucks has given him a call,” a Collingwood source confirmed to The Greenfield Post.

“He’s probably our only hope at this stage.”
McGough inspired the Pies to a win in 2002, and despite not featuring at AFL level for 11 years, they believe he can do the same in 2017.

“We probably won’t get it done with our current side, let’s be honest.”

“At least he’s played one good game in his career, that’s more than Jarryd Blair has.”


You are the best poster on Blitz.


Worsfold has gastro?

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That McGough game sucked balls.

I was standing, at the very very back of the old ponsford stand with only my raised shoulders to keep me dry.

I’d be swapping brown to fasolo.

Hurley has it easy today, giving away height but would be able to use his foooty smarts destroy Cox and create huge drive from the backline.

Ambrose will murder an out of form Moore, the last thing a kid needs who is struggling is hard at it lock down defender that has you for strength and endurance.

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I thought schools started back last week?

I’m giving Lyn1 the benefit of the doubt. I’ve posted worse without my contacts in on the phone with fascist auto correct

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I don’t expect he’ll be needing make any apologies what so ever.

Bucks on the other hand…

That would be like Kieran Perkins winning his last 1500 gold medal after scraping into the final in lane 8.

Would be awesomenety personified.