Heres the team

Way, way too many best 22 players for mine

Andrew McGrath, 3. Darcy Parish, 4. Kyle Langford, 8. Marty Gleeson, 11. David Zaharakis ©, 15. Josh Green, 16. Josh Begley, 20. Jackson Merrett, 27. Mason Redman, 29. Patrick Ambrose, 35. Matt Guelfi, 41. Ben McNiece, 42. Adam Saad, 43. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, 44. Shaun McKernan, 45. Conor McKenna, 49. Matt Dea


Nice to see guelfi named though

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We’ve picked all our smaller quick players bar raz and trav.

Yeh way more best 22 players than I’d expected

Half the list is best 22 and they’ve picked nearly half the list. What do you propose they do. They have not picked the players we simply can’t afford to lose - Zerret, Fanta, JD, hooker, hepp, tbell, hurls

Way too many compared to the other teams.

You would think that the players selected have as much to do with where they’re at in the preparation as much as anything else

Playing Myers, JoeDan and Hartley would probably be cheating I guess.


I would have like to see Clarke in, and maybe even Mynott. Also, probably Brown rather than Ambrose, given he missed all the back half of last season, just to see where he is. Otherwise ok. I wouldn’t risk Walla. Maybe I’d rather see Draper than McKernan.

Thought they might have rested parish/Mcgrath. But good idea to have the young midfield playing together.

fingers crossed noone gets injured. Good to get a look at Guelfi, Redman, McNeice, Begley and Saad

Short and quick side

Interested to see how J Merrett, Guelfi, McNernan, Redman, McNiece Green and Begley go.

5 of those players could be delistees by the end of the year.

Hopefully half of those guys named don’t play. because that is way too many best 22 guys named.

Walla is pretty durable, but yeh i wouldnt risk him, maybe we are after some silverware, but no prize money :slight_smile:

I honestly think that just shows our depth.

We arent playing hooker hurls daniher stewart stringer smith laverde hartley myers raz zerrett and plenty more.

Pretty much as i expected and don’t imagine mcgrath parish tippa saad and co will be pushed to any sort of limit

Very strong side for this Mickey Mouse comp.

Can’t help but be keen to see them run around.


It’s pretty much a bruise free, run fest yeah?

No big deal, just more of a running conditioning exercise than if they were just doing match sim with more congestion at training.

Are we worried about a hammy going ping, or someone being tackled poorly and snapping something?

She’ll be right.


Guelfi has a two year contract and there’s no way Begley is getting delisted


Correct. They’d be the ones I’d keep, The others I feel need to prove themselves.