Heres the team


One of those is not like the others


We’re gonna win.


Put the trophy next to our lightning premiership cup (whatever dark clost that is in)


Let’s see now…

B Ambrose McKenna
C Langford Zaharakis McGrath
F Begley Walla
I Saad Parish McNiece

Emg : Gleeson, Green, Jerrett, Redman, Guelfi, McKernan, Dea

In hindsight, I had no idea what I was trying to do, or why I tried to do it.


Lightening premiership was great, i used the lightening premiership photos as my school book cover for my school books that year with contact on top of course. Thanks mum.


Man does the AFL still hold something over us that we have to do them favours?

Get these Best 22 the hell out of there.


Gone short. Even our Ruckman is the shortest in terms of Ruck.


Not sure about that. We’ve named two ruckmen…


good old blitz …
■■■ stringer isn’t playing, ■■■ he’s unfit, he’s crap i knew we couldn’t fix him.

then when team named.
whoa whoa whoa that’s way too many best 22 players playing, what the.


Given it’s the AFLX Bandits, who’s playing the Nicole Kidman role?


Hurley should have played AFLX and not the intraclub match.


Maybe we want to win?


McKernan and Ambrose?


It’s a smart move taking it somewhat seriously. Win well and it continues the positive momentum that started in the trade period. How is it more of a risk than an intraclub game?


Chill out. Theres still to be omissions - and who cares. Gets some of our best 22 even more sharper.


Only need talls to mark the kickins, all the rest will be passing .


Seriously it’s ridiculous we’ve named half of our best 22. This comp means nothing. Do not like


here’s our opponents.
Hawthorn (19-man squad)

  1. Ryan Burton, 6. James Sicily, 15. Blake Hardwick, 17. Dan Howe, 19. Jack Gunston, 20. Dallas Willsmore, 21. Kieran Lovell, 22. Luke Breust, 23. Tim O’Brien, 25. Ryan Schoenmakers, 26. Liam Shiels ©, 32. David Mirra, 35. Harry Morrison, 37. Jackson Ross, 38. James Worpel, 41. Oliver Hanrahan, 42. Teia Miles, 45. Conor Nash, 46. James Cousins

St Kilda (20-man squad)

  1. Shane Savage, 6. Seb Ross, 7. Luke Dunstan, 8. Blake Acres, 9. Jack Steele, 11. Hunter Clark, 13. Jack Lonie, 19. Sam Gilbert, 21. Ben Long, 25. Koby Stevens, 26. Josh Battle, 28. Tim Membrey, 29. Jimmy Webster, 30. Ed Phillips, 33. Nick Coffield, 35. Jack Sinclair, 37. Bailey Rice, 40. Ray Connellan, 43. Rowan Marshall, 44. Maverick Weller


It means nothing, but none of the three pre season games we’d usually play did either.

In all three of the old system we’d play abut half bestish 22 and then half of the rest as well, I reckon.

Sure this is a bullshit marketing ploy by the AFL and it doesn’t deserve to be respected, but we need the balance of getting a good run into everyone and a look at every player.

This is a good mix. There aren’t any of the top shelf older players. We’ll get a good look at recent draftees in an actual football match and get run into some players who we know exactly what they’re going to offer during the year.


No stoppages around the ground? I know that there are no throw ins.