Heres the team


Geez Hawthorn have put out a fairly strong squad


We named our whole list in the intraclub game. Did that mean anything?


I did wonder whether the naming of the team might actually pique my interest… nup… no it didn’t…


Looks like we are trying to build the hype and sell more memberships.

I’m not sure why we’d bother with this Mickey Mouse competition.


St kilda’s is even stronger.


What happens to the rest of the list? Do they play an intra club with the rest (+ VLF top ups?) this weekend?
If not, the non participants miss out on a build up of the physical demands leading up to round 1.
In fact, even for those taking part, the short games on a very small playing field means they get less of a workout than say last weekend’s intra club.
Overall, it stuffs up the buildup and makes Crow’s job harder to manage the physical preparation.
PS I really noticed the impact of fatigue on the players last weekend in the second half.


Can’t believe people are cracking it over best 22 being selected. Calls of “thought they would have rested player xxx” are soft as butter. It’s February for Christs sake. What’s wrong with blitz. You sound like a bunch Greens reacting to Sam Newman running for Mayor. Rant over.


if we lose a player to injury during this farce of a comp i don’t know if i will be able to find a gif that properly conveys my rage


There’s one for every occasion


Assuming serious, I note I still don’t know who half their named players are. Fark ‘em.


They train on Friday afternoon, then go to Etihad to watch the AFLX.


We were favourites to win when i last checked on sportsbet last night :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


People are betting on this. God this country has a problem


Nope. Please just don’t get injured. Hopefully 10 changes before Thursday.


If we lose any best 22 players to season ending injuries in this ■■■■ I’m burning down AFL House


Even if we don’t have any injuries can we still do it anyway?


Yes, yes we can


We’ve made that threat so often now it’s lost all meaning


Imagine taking this ■■■■ seriously. Bunch of pelicans


Well pardon me for being so preoccupied with Victory being a steaming pile of ■■■■ I’ve missed the off season fun :smiley: