Heres the team


If pazza stopped coming along with his little bit of water it’d be done by now.


People bet on anything including flies walking up the wall.

Australians are renown for their addiction to gambling.


If it happens during training will you burn the Hanger down?


I’ll bet you 20 bucks Australians are ‘renowned’ for it, not so much ‘renown’ for it.


Can’t believe the carry-on in here.

Its 2 games of 20 minutes. A game of touch footy goes for twice as long.

It’s just an organised training run for the boys.


Theyve had aflw up there and all.
Still not as good as betting on Mexican baseball or tunsia handball


I will happily watch a few minutes of training on BTV.
With this we get twenty minutes against two different opponents.
It’s still preseason and it’s an organized training drill that’s televised.
Why winge.
I’m watching and looking forward to it.
I’m not pretending it’s an AFL home and away game.
Can’t wait to see the boys showcase some of their skills.


If we’re members can we just walk in to etihad? Or is AFLX the exception to members passes?


And is this additional to the NAB cup? Or does this replace NAB now? Feels like that round robin tournament that went to sh.!t a few years ago.


Isn’t AFLx just the coca cola lightning cup re-hashed?


Does that mean we’re defending premier’s?

I like AFLX now


What the hell are we about to play? This league admin is a publicity-seeking fking joke. One serious injury to any player from any team should result in a class action from fans.


Players more likely to get injured in practice matches than this. It will be bruise free footy.

Definitely hoping we get through unscathed though, haven’t had a good few weeks with injuries.


Yep, the real injuries will come later in the season, because there will be dozen of holes from the brought-in posts and stands that won’t be fixed perfectly. Hopefully Adelaide cop all of them come Round 1.


First time I played touch footy I tripped over my own feet in open space, landed badly on my shoulder, and couldn’t lift my arm above my head for a month. Luckily nobody that unco plays AFL.



Maybe you should stick to e-sports.


Have you seen john butcher try to kick the ball?