Heres the Team!

Morwell Recreation Reserve, Saturday, March 7, 4.40pm AEDT

3. Paul Chapman, 10. Nick O’Brien, 14. Jason Ashby, 19. Shaun Edwards, 20. Jackson Merrett, 28. Jonathon Giles, 28. Elliott Kavanagh, 30. Kyle Landford, 34. Jake Long, 35. Marty Gleeson, 36. Lauchlan Dalgleish, 44. Shaun McKernan, 45. Conor McKenna, 47. Marcus Marigliani, 50. James Polkinghorne, 51. Aaron Heppell, 54. Josh Freezer, 55. Anthony Tipungwuti, 56. Jordan Schroder, 58. Sam Tagliabue, 72. Clint Jones, 73. Mitch Brown, 74. Mitch Clisby, 75. Jared Petrenko, 76. James Magner, 77. Sam Michael


  1. Tom Hickey, 3. Jack Steven, 4. Eli Templeton, 6. Seb Ross, 7. Luke Dunstan, 8. Blake Acres, 9. Tommy Lee, 11. Leigh Montagna, 14. Jarryn Geary, 16. Jack Newnes,18. Billy Longer, 20. David Armitage, 21. Luke Delaney, 24. Sean Dempster, 25. Sam Fisher, 26. Tom Curren, 27. Josh Bruce, 28. Tim Membrey, 32. Paddy McCartin, 33. Hugh Goddard, 34. Nathan Wright, 35. Josh Saunders, 37. Jack Lonie, 38. Ahmed Saad, 39. Cameron Shenton, 40. Jack Sinclair, 41. Darren Minchington, 44. Maverick Weller, 45. Jason Holmes

Jackson Merrett debuted in 2012 so what gives?

no zerret? decent looking team otherwise. Looking forward to seeing how the young kids go

Jackson Merrett, Elliot Kavanagh, Lauchlan Dalgleish, Nick O’Brien all on list in 2012 ?

No Daniher is a surprise. No idea who’s going to kick the goals. Giles and Langford for 5 each? LID OFF.

Long, Edwards, and Tippa though. Benfti may explode.

daniher spent plenty of time at the club in 2012. Perhaps he was given an infraction as well ?

So much for the entire 2012 list sitting out

B Dalgleish Freezer Ashby
HB Gleeson Brown Long
C OBrien Chapman J Merrett
HF Langford McKernan S Edwards
F Petrenko Tagliabue Tipungwuti
R Giles Kavanagh Jones
Int McKenna, Michael, Muscles, magner, A Heppell, Brown, Schroder, Clisby


wtf isn’t Daniher playing

If the Saints don’t win by 10 goals in a canter then they should call it quits.

The tackling machines on the back pocket Muscles Marigliani & Anthony Tippungwuti.
Be scared, be very scared

ohh image just loaded, whoops.
Most interested in kavangh, Mckenna, Long langford and Merrett.




Where’s Zach?

Zerrett, BJ and JD all a lock for best 22. Maybe they’re keeping that group together for some reason. Someone had to skipper the side so Chappy put his hand up.

Sheeds is definitely back. Already naming non-playing players?

New record holders for the “largest sum of the jumper numbers in an afl/vfl match” title.

So out of guys who would be available and should be in/pushing for selection the team is missing Goddard, Gwilt, Cooney, Zerrett, Daniher and Ambrose. Interesting. Would have definitely liked to see Ambrose get a gig, I wonder why he isn't?</blockquote

The forward 6 look pretty good actually in terms of potential. Petrenko is probably the most known quantity there actually. WSPHU. Might show to be the crumbing goal sneak we’ve always wanted since the days of old.