Hey WA Bombers

My friend is heading to WA for round 2 and was wondering if there’s any pre game functions/ get togethers he could wangle an invite to?

I’m sure WOB could sort him out.

He wouldn’t make it to the game though … :smile:


LOL He’s a fine young man but I’m not sure he’s up to WOBs standards :blush:




I REALLY wanna do the perth trip but I just can’t justify the cost of flying there (particularly since its Easter weekend).

Dare I ask what is that joint like? Heading over the Round 2 game as it turns out.

Will bars, pubs etc be open over Easter? Was in gc a few years ago. Everything shut at midnight on the thurs and sat nights. Was ■■■■! Where Adelaide last year every thing was open.

Better off growing your own yeast & making your own beer than waiting in line for a beer pre-game, that said you can’t not go to the Vic.

Interesting that the new stadium is due to have The Camfield, a microbrewery with a 2500 person capacity built and ready for the game 50m from the stadium. Lord help them

I won’t be pre drinking at THE VIC anymore, too far away. Il give the new pub a crack if it’s open in time? Dunno if it will be. That being said for years I had to catch the train to Perth, change trains, then go to subi. Now it’s a 20 minute train ride to the new ground without having to change and I’m a 10 minute walk from a train station. Makes getting there pretty easy now

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Makes crawling home even easier!