Just found this forum, wow!!!! We've got Llloydie back, and Harvs, we've still got James, Bomber isn't far away.  Only one person missing eh?


Save Sheddy. 

Shave Heedy

Shane Beezly

My cats breath smells like cat food

Hi there, nice to see you



Bumblebee tuna, bumblebee tuna

Vase Deeshy

Save the A B Ceedy

Slave Seedy



Slim Shady

He's not answering his calls.



welcome, i'll give you the tip, start of few new threads to help everyone get to know you :p

Which one of the EFC board candidates are you?

How to name a thread 101

Rule 1. “Hi” won’t cut it.

Slim Shady

Not a board candidate, but already bored with most of them LOL. View is simple, if they don't love James, I don't love them.  And I do look forward to the day when James and Kevin are working together again. If you read their books, they are men whose friendship goes beyond mere football. I liked what some of the candidates said about supporting the players all the way in the not guilty pleas.  

Thread delivers.