Hind, Wright, Cutler

This club is a non entity whilst these blokes get a game.

I do not need to explain why.

Meek, lazy, undisciplined recalcitrants.

Geez. Bit harsh on Wright there.

Not at all. Plays behind, doesn’t lead and work his man over, won’t halve contests, falls over like an autumn leaf when things aren’t going his way. An embarrassing performance tonight as it tends to be when things aren’t going iOS way.

Have you watched us play? Playing as a key forward in this dumpster fire of a team and “game plan” would make any KPF look like an amateur


Sometimes you reap what you sow…Playing behind, not presenting up and back creating space, wanting cheap kicks out the back or the ball sat on your head. Stringer is also a problem. Very lazy.

No likes. Pretty crap post. move on, mate.

Yeah that was worth a new thread

Dead running. He was abject.