Hirdy rates our performance a "B"

Attended the sponsors’ cocktail party at the kind invitation of Mattmcp. It was a good night - the players were very accommodating.

Hird gave a short speech which was greeted with polite applause.

When asked if he was a schoolteacher what mark would he give our performance so far this year he said he would rate it a B.

What are your thoughts?

B for boring

My thoughts are that I’d like to hear him expand on his thoughts.

A bit generous I’d have thought. But then he was probably playing to the audience - ie. sponsors.

I was there and obviously heard the speech too. He still thinks we can be a top 4 team and that given our preparation we have done well to be where we are. He said the lull we have had is not surprising due to the preparation and also injuries. It was noted by the players too that contested ball is a big focus this week. Adam Cooney said we are 18th in contested ball but the club thought that Friday night was a step in the right direction and are optimistic about the remainder of the year. In typical Hepp fashion he expects us to produce a great brand of footy for the rest of the year starting Sunday.

B for boring

One and done.

I’d go as far as C+ but then I’m a generous man!

Knock off Brisbane by 60+ points this weekend and I’ll raise it to B+…hint, hint!

Hard to rate. I assume the rating takes into account a lot of what’s going on and is basically a rating that an A team would be top fourish. We’ve shown we can compete with those teams but haven’t been consistently at that level. Still the things we are doing wrong at the moment are all in our hands and changeable and basically the same players have been much better at those things in the past, i.e. decision making, confidence instinctively knowing what is required in any given moment. That could all come back and if that happened I think we would go right back to consistently playing at the level that beat Hawthorn so you could rate us as B considering we’re are only intangibles away from A.

Still when I consider our play I get flashes of the hesitant indecisive worst ofthe freo game and considering that we anxietied ourselves into playing as far beleow our actual talent as possible and haven’t been much better for a month or so around that game, I’d fidn to rate us a B so far.

Can only be a sign of optimism that we are not far off a mental switch that see us getting the best out of ourselves again.

I give us a C.

But we also skipped a year since we’re older than everyone else in the class, and should be doing better.

I’d settle for Heppelitis.

Not sure about Essendon but Carlton are on the way to a ‘No Award’.

I would give Carlton a nice nice try stamp


excellent to each other

Not sure about Essendon but Carlton are on the way to a 'No Award'.
A wooden spoon is an award.

Us, B. Considering all the kerfuffle.

B for BETA


Geez if Hird really believes that then we are in real trouble.

I’d give us a C- to C at best.

I’d settle for Heppelitis.
A, B or C?

I’d give Watson a C and Heppell the VC. But whatever.

I’d settle for Heppelitis.
A, B or C?

It actually goes to D and E. No, I didn’t know that before tonight.

H for HAMS