Home Games vs Away Games

Home Games
Win vs Haw
Win vs Coll
Loss vs Melb
Win vs Geel
Win vs WC
Win vs Port

5 wins and a loss

Away Games
Win vs Bris
Loss vs Carl
Loss vs Ade
Loss vs Freo
Loss vs Rich
Loss vs GWS

5 losses and 1 win

Polar opposite. We nearly lost to Brisbane as well. It has to be between the ears.

When you look at how Freo is travelling now…we really did throw that game away. What a waste that Carlton game was. We really could have been in a very good position going into the break.

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Freo knocked over the Dogs over there a week or two before us, also that was the worst umpired game in the last 3 years of football, SO MANY WEIRD ADVANTAGE CALLS

GWS was similar though not as bad, there’s 2 we would have won in Melbourne where the umpires don’t jerk themselves off to the plastic afl crowds.