Honest question. What do we have to do to get out of our situation?

This cycle just keeps repeating. We’re crap. Then we have a year where we make 8th or 7th only to be absolutely belted in an elimination final. THEN we have a really shoddy year or two in the face of positive expectations…cycle, rinse, repeat.

The issue of having opposition clubs scoring from kick ins or deep within our forward line has been going on for years. So Rutten had been one of many to fail to resolve this issue.

What does the club have to do to turn this cycle around and find success??!!


Change clubs


Start at the head of the club and change every single board member

Then take a pink slip and walk straight to dodoro’s office


It’s pretty simple really.

The club has to stop overrating the list and being happy just to be in the finals

Be prepared to spend 3-4 years at the bottom and get some elite talent into the list and push some of our pretenders out of the side.


Burn it down and start again


The guy in charge of recruiting and list managing has had 15+ years and we haven’t won a final.

And you can find heaps of ESS fans who think he’s awesome and done a great job.


Sack the whole board, recruiting and development staff, fitness staff and captain for starters


AFL has to take over and purge the club

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Dodo is the first to go. We 've had so many coaches but one thing is constant. As a famous physicist once said, do the same thing and expecting a different result is the ultimate insanity.


the club also needs to act now. so next year isn’t wasted.

We need to find a Key defender another key forward a bigger mid and some magic.

If/when we lose anzac day probably need to reset and make it a development year. not many more kids to bring in already a young side.


They did it to Brisbane and Melbourne too

Truck needs to play all the promising kids, which he kind of has been doing.

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Someone needs to come out and say “you know what, we just aren’t able to play the zone with the team we have” and change tact.

It’s painful to watch and there’s less sexy ways to play that will constrict the opposition instead of letting them open us up.

We’re not going to win as it is, May as well make it a slugfest.


Finish bottom 4 for the next 2 years and try and bring in as much talent as possible.

Sack Rutten

Bring in Clarkson to nurture the young talent

Move Dodoro on, whether you like him or not, it’s time to get rid of him.

Xavier also needs to depart the club, forgot about AFLW, we can’t even remotely get it right with our AFL and VFL teams, they have no hope

  1. Sack Dodoro - Look at our list tonight and the depth in some positions. It’s diabolical. He’s been there for 20 years. Any other org in the world and he would’ve been sacked 10+ Years ago for poor performance.

  2. Sack Xavier Campbell - at end of year

  3. Drop Heppell, delist him and name a new captain that inspires the team with more than a “yeah nah the boys will learn from this loss tonight”

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The CEO and recruitment manager sacked tonight.

Seek out other coaches interest with a view to replace Rutten.

Suspend player contract negotiations

Maje it very clear that if players do not adhere to ythe game plan they will be dropped.


What did we do this off season that suggests we over rated the list?

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Move us to Tassie

I have reached the conclusion that it’s impossible for us to fix ourselves from within. We need the AFL to take control and rip the joint apart, replace the recruitment team, coaching team, fitness team, etc.

Please do it, I’ve reached my limit with the club this year, I just don’t give a ■■■■ anymore.