Hong Kong guy makes Hollywood chick robot. Not for sexual purposes, wink wink

Man Builds His Own Hollywood Bombshell Robot
04 APRIL 2016

Man Builds His Own Hollywood Bombshell Robot Photo: Supplied
One savvy engineer has “realised” his dream of building his own Hollywood starlet-looking robot and it is turning heads.

Product and graphic designer Ricky Ma from Hong Kong says he grew up watching cartoons featuring robots and always dreamed of building his own.

Now at 42-years-old the designer claims to have achieved that dream by building his own robot on the balcony of his home, Reuters reports.

Taking more than 18 months to build and $50,000 his female robot prototype given he rather sterile name of “Mark 1” is crafted in the likeness of a Hollywood star - although he says he wants to keep the name of the star under wraps.

Looking somewhat like Isla Fischer, Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson all rolled into one, the Mark 1 responds to a set of programmed verbal commands spoken into a microphone.

“I figured I should just do it when the timing is right and realise my dream. If I realise my dream, I will have no regrets in life,” says Ma, who had to learn about fields completely new to him before he could build the complex gadget.

Besides simple movements of its arms and legs, turning its head and bowing, Ma’s robot, which has dark blonde hair and almost anime looking eyes can create detailed facial expressions.

In response to the compliment, “Mark 1, you are so beautiful”, its brows and the muscles around its eyes relax, and the corners of its lips lift, creating a natural-seeming smile, and it says, “Hehe, thank you.”

Mark 1 is made up of various components, modelled on human parts. A silicone skin encases the mechanical and electronic parts, which they themselves are enclosed in a 3D printed skeletal structure.

“During this process, a lot of people would say things like, ‘Are you stupid? This takes a lot of money. Do you even know how to do it? It’s really hard,’” Ma said.

Now that Mark 1 has been revealed to the world, Ma hopes an investor will be excited enough to enable him to build more Hollywood-style robots and even plans to write a book about his experiences.

The rise of robots and artificial intelligence are among disruptive labour market changes that the World Economic Forum projects will lead to a net loss of 5.1 million jobs over the next five years.

Just a heads up: Hong Kong is not in Japan.

Just a heads up: Hong Kong is not in Japan.

You know how it is, they all look alike…

Ugh. You got me. To be fair, this stuff usually comes out of Japan.

Wouldn’t want to get tugged by those man-hands at a level higher than 3. Maybe 5 after a few drinks.


The Jerry Seinfeld effect

This dude has clearly not seen the ending of Ex Machina.

Why did he call it “Mark”?

Why did he call it "Mark"?

she must have a target on her somewhere…

This dude has clearly not seen the ending of Ex Machina.

Does it make sandwiches?

Does it make sandwiches?

Only if you need your shirts ironed

There’s still hope for that Buffy-bot

It has man hands. Pass.

Typical HK guy. Makes a model of a western looking woman

Wasnt she ment to be 3 foot tall with a flat head?

Not sexual eh?
Isn’t a robot that bows very similar to a robot that bends over?

Apologies: Nick Riewoldt, if anything I’ve said has caused offence.

It has man hands. Pass.

so, if it came with better hands you have a crack?

There’s a whole other thing with how good the dexterity is when we’re talking about hands.