Hopper and Kennedy-GWS


Aylett had a year on his contract at decent coin. GWS gained salary cap space by us taking both. Don’t think Edwards was fussed from memory.


Yeah he wasnt fussed playing either


Not the smartest tool in the shed. Simply struggled to understand what his role was


The AFL SHOUTER on twitter suggesting that we may have offered pick 29 for Kennedy. Better pick than FC can offer, and may be tempting for GWS is FC can’t get the deal done. Wonder if Kennedy would be up for it?


Mr_Sunbury, who so far has been pretty on the money, said he heard #29 was part of the Saad deal. I’ll believe him over the AFL SHOUTER.


Doubt that is real with the stringer and Saad trades still not completed.

I also suspect that we don’t rate Kennedy. If we did rate him and put fwd a compelling contract offer I would have thought we would have been his preferred destination.

With Hepp an inside mid lock He would be fighting with Mutch, Clarke and Langford for a spot or 2

At fark Carlton he has a lot more competition for that spot

I reckon we don’t rate him that high…


NO doubt, but it is interesting from the perspective that it may be we haven’t just limited ourselves to the SSS’s but are still looking for bargains. Jackets is tearing it up this trade period.


THE shouter has been wrong on everything so far so good call


Agree, he would meet our mid profile needs perfectly… if we rated him that is.


Let’s give them back their 2nd Rd pick for next year


Yep, just guesswork.


Should be renamed “draft guesser”.


So Aceman in the Stringer thread has said there are some rumours going around that we have put in an offer for Kennedy too. Now it may be his source is Shouter as well, but he generally has his own pretty good sources. It would seem that while the pick may be wrong, that there is a solid possibility he got the info about us making a play for Kennedy right. Whether or not it is a serious offer is anyone’s guess.


Could you point to one indication that the Shouter has sources please?

I think it’s bullshit personally and can show you three or four tweets that prove he at least is wrong a lot


If we are making some noise about Kennedy, it might suggest we’re expecting another 2nd round pick from somewhere. 2 for Stringer, one for Saad and i suspect we’d keep one for Mason Fletcher bids in 2018.


Pick upgrade? Saad and 29 for next years second and 23 or 25.

GC take 29, 39 and Ablett to Geelong for 21

We then give 23 or 25 and 24 to the Dogs for Stringer?


We might just be helping out GWS by heaping some pressure on Fark Carltank to cough up.
They did of course give us a brilliant deal for Smith. I figure we owe them.


If Fark Carlton are serious about building “sustained success”, they would trade out their pick 3 to Gold Coast and grab a handful of their 2nd rounders. They wont though because their Fark Carlton and theyll want the blue chip kid and then fill up the rest of the list with GWS’s NEAFL team


Don’t know what’s worse: Carlton continuously targeting ‘fringe’ GWS players or those players taking the easy out and nominating Carlton cause it’s easier to get a spot in their best 22?

It’s why I have a heap of respect for Stewart and Devon.


The more I read about Matt Kennedy the more I hope we pick him up, could possibly be a smarter choice than Stringer.