Hopper and Kennedy-GWS


Yeah, I understand the theory behind it.

Just frustrates me more than anything that we can’t seem to land these types of players. yet the Geelongs and Hawthorns of the world just add them willy nilly during each trade period.

As it stands now, Geelong have picks 21 and 33.
So they are going to land these 2 guns and most likely Gary Ablett on the back of trading a mixture of Motlop (who I doubt Geelong want to keep anyway), Menzel and future picks.


There is no way the Cats should be able to land Hopper and Smith. Both from a $ Cap space and pick/player trade.


They think Motlop and Menzel will be gone and one of their backmen. There’s some cash.
Not sure what picks they have.


And they expect to get Ablett also

$1mil between Motlop and Menzel, plus one of Mackie or Lonergan expected to retire


Think that Harry Taylor was on a heavily front loaded deal aswell.
They have a amazing strike rate so if any team could get that done it will be the Cats


Success breeds success. Geelong can go to players, promise them finals, and have a decade or more of history to back them up. Same with the Hawks (until recently).

If Ablett goes to Geelong it will be on a very low wage, he will be doing it because he wants to, rather than because he needs to.


Devon Smith is a local Geelong boy and surfer IIRC so logical he would return

Hopper played at North Ballarat rebels so a country kid, again that lure of being out of the big city may be something he considers on top of fact that Cats are right in the flag window and he could end up the main man inside mid wise moving fwd.


Parish loves a surf and is from the town next to Geelong. Should we be worried in 2 years…Farken Geelong and their great ability to land everyone


So Crawford is confident Whitfield will be at the Hawks. Apparently Smith and Hopper to Geelong.
No reason to doubt it as both have the runs on the board.

If they lose them you’d think GWS would find cash for Kelly - or worse yet Kelly will end up at FC.

Maybe we can grab a HBF GWS delist.


Saints were confident of Whitfield. And they have 2 x 2017 first rounders. Hawks have zilch.

GWS getting hammered by other clubs attempts at poaching at present.


Darc loves the Bombers, but he really is a country bumpkin at heart…so if the Cats go after him…well we will see. Can’t see any other club getting him though


Bro I was joking, he is a bomber 4 lyf. If he goes anywhere Ill burn down the club he goes to.


The benefits of having a midfield that can get you into the Top 4-6 regularly.

There’s a lesson in that…


Is that lesson have the best player in the competition be born nearby and insist on a trade to your club for about 2/3 of what he could have earned elsewhere? Because I don’t know if that’s a situation we can replicate.


Is there not a hospital in the area?

Perhaps the TVSC expansion could include a birthing clinic.


Sometimes its better to be proactive rather than reactive.


The reduction in the cost of players moving, partly due to FA, is a huge blow to equalisation. Its allowed Hawthorn and Geelong to stay near the top for years longer than was the historical norm, and will quite possibly continue to be the way it happens. Fundamentally, if players want to go elsewhere for success, then only proven successful clubs have a shot at getting them. It has nothing to do with midfields, it has to do with the success of the club.

The saga cost us doubly, as we were probably primed to spend a few years in finals. Which would have avoided the lost players and maybe brought in some.

That said, EFC has to improve in identifying under-valued youngsters. Hopefully Stewart and Green are a move in the right direction, but more could be done here.


This thread is jumping at shadows.


Doesn’t seem logical does it
I think it would cost them 2x 1st rounders and a 2nd

But considering their first rounder this year is actually Carltons second rounder (Touhy trade) I’d say the Cats will do quite well out of it

Also if they are trying to squeeze Menzel and Motlop out then I really hope they get lowballed on the trade (which they should if you want to move a player on)

Unless they are free agents of course


Will Geelong need to trade for Ablett ? Or is he a FA?