Hottest Indian you've ever Eaten


It was in Mumbai back in 2001 and she was 25 years old. We met when I was involved in the transition of a sales channel from Australia to India. She invited me to her sisters wedding and it all kicked off from there.


It took 41 posts but we finally got the real answer to this question.


So you’re saying cafegarat lied about priya?


I’m viewing all the other responses with suspicion, to far fetched.


I had a ripping Vindaloo in London. The waiter and my wife were having a good old laugh watching the sweat drip off me. It was delicious too btw.


One of my Rules of Life that has served me well is never trust a bloke named Larry.


Tried the seafood soup again and this type did slice up the habanero and added it with just a hot sauce and some hot paprika, onion and tomato.

Regrettably touched my eye afterwards. You probably heard me swear…only 300km from Melbourne.

It hurt but the soup was just the right heat. Bloodie hot, but not too hot.

Gee…I hope the people who set the swear filter were in that Texas church. Too soon?




I object to this (and not just because of the spelling error).


I think they prefer “Indians” these days.


How about those junkies who shot up curry powder by mistake.

One’s in hospital with a dodgy tikka and the other one’s in a korma.




Beef Vindaloo in London 17 years ago. My butt is still on fire!


l thought about a similar answer yesterday, but modesty forbade me. Either that or l couldn’t recall her name. Oh well, ho hum.


I could not recall the name either but it was the first and only hot Indian i ever had.




Nice story.
After hockey on Saturday nights after a good session at the pub an Essendon group would regularly eat at Jamaica House. Great food and atmosphere. One of our players would always have the sweat running down his nose and face thanks to spicy lamb dish.
By the way, Monty was married at the time to Stephanie Alexander (co-owner?), and later the Melbourne iconic foodie.
The 60’s they were the days!


i used to go to the Carlton curry house too. Never got my photo on the wall. 6 was as high as I could go.

While not curry, I totally tripped on Mexican hot sauce in Hong Kong. Lost time in th restaurant with a mate. We both were seeing things.


I tried a tablespoon of Carolina reaper hot sauce at a pub once for free drinks for the rest of the night.

It’s ■■■■■■■ hot. In hindsight, not worth the free drinks.


I didn’t know Monty was married to Stephanie.

The first Jamaica House was upstairs on the West Side of Lygon Street and I first went there in 1972. They moved across the road further up near Grattan St, nearly went broke as the Reno cost so much and closed down for a while then re-opened further down Lygon Street on the East side nearer Grattan St.

Monty passed away and Jim his partner closed for a while and then re- opened until he retired to Lorne.

Fabulous people and great restaurant, and when Jim died his funeral was just amazing with hundreds attending.

They did a pepper steak that was encrusted with very hot black peppers, which was as hot as I could handle. The curry was always way beyond my ability.