How can the AFL fix footy?

After watching years of guys playing “rugby” , what can the afl do to fix the game ? Personally I think taking away the secondary centre circle for Ruck contests would help, as would the way the game is umpired. Coaches have a lot to answer for with zones and being handball happy. My thoughts on zones are they can be broken down more easily with quick ball movement via foot . Here are some stats from the 81 grand final to 3/4 time . Notice the kick to handball ratio and the amount of free kicks paid (54). I would honestly rather watch country footy at times due to the state of the game in general.Would love to hear some thoughts.


Sacking Gill and his mates, turning over the Commission, and leaving the game the fark alone would be a good start.

Let it evolve and stabilise, stop all the tooling around and have a review every 5 to 10 years.

Rule changes are as much about the bullshit news cycle as anything else.


Footy isn’t to be “fixed”. Clubs have a mandate to win, not to be entertaining.


Get rid of interstate clubs and Carlton and Collingwood


Make umpiring professional and accountable.


Not have the AFL involved with football.


Bring back the biff.


Get rid of the boys club running the (non profit) show.

16 a side would probably work you know. That or focus on clearing out the 50m arcs so forwards can go to work.

The rules have to be made more black and white for consistency.

The game needs to hold onto its heritage a bit more too.

By that I mean celebrate having reserves footy before the 1sts. Bring back the butchers coat for the goal umpires. Remove most of the ridiculous on ground advertising and quit taking the gambling industries money.

Put a team in Tasmania for goodness sake. Play a Dreamtime game in the NT say every 5 years, surely the sponsorship and goodwill can cover gate receipts.


Build time machine go back to 99 and have a chat to Wallis at 3 qtr time.


I hope they focus hard on “fixing” footy but only at the “top” level.

Just leave the VFLW alone.


End thread

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Wallis ruined football??

Blokes gonna be absolutely devo at tea tomorrow night when he finds out…

Agree. Women’s game shouldn’t be a place for trialling things . Umpiring interpretation has a lot to answer for. The awful need to fix the game at roots level as well .

Understand I’m talking purely from a selfish point of view. The AwFuL have a strong record of making the AFLW, VFLW, and VFLM surprise victims of their experiments.

Confiscate smart phones from the players.

Drag in Mercuri and Caracella whilst you’re at it and tell them to kick straight.


clear rules and consistent interpretations

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This new ■■■■■■■ rull where the man on the mark can’t move side to side until play on is called is going to be ■■■■. Just has to stand there like a potato.


You implying the Awful is changing rules to assist teams with lots of spuds?

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