How do we get back into the 2019 draft?

Season is done, cooked, wasted.

Book in the surgeries and play the kids for the rest of the year, but how do we go about getting back into this 2019 draft?

Do we trade our way back in - which players can we move that will have value?

Would Hooker have any value, what about Zaka?

Trade anyone over 30 as they will never see another Essendon final in their career

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Who cares? So we can waste the pick on the next Myers?

Draft picks are the least of our problems. Enough fkn talent on this list.



Trade Langford and our 2nd rounder for a 1st

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Don’t think we’d get it. I think of Langford as a late second rounder. I don’t think 2 late second rounders will get you into the first any more. On points it might, but clubs don’t value them the same way.

Edit* for context on Langfords worth, we got Saad for a late second rounder.

I would happily trade Shiel for two first-rounders.


Be lucky to get a warm 6 pack of fosters at this stage

I think we need to find a way to move on from the SAGA alumni

This has to be part of the culture problem


If you offered me a top ten pick for one particular guy right now, the first words out of my mouth would be no backsies.


There wouldn’t be many in the list I’d turn that offer down to.

The following guys I wouldn’t be trading under any circumstances

Zac Merrett

The rest I would happily trade if the price was right


I’d have a few more.
But I definitely agree that they’re untouchable and that other more prominent players shouldn’t be.

We’ve added 4 best 22, arguably top 8-10 players from trading in the last 2 drafts. Not sure why we’d now go back to drafting with the track record we’ve got of picking & developing kids.