How many AFL teams do we really need/want?

I feel the competition is totally unfair as each year a number of teams gain an advantage over others due to the AFL scheduling and priority picks given to lower teams just because,
There would be many solutions to this problem like teams playing each other only once creating a shorter season, or culling /merging (god forsake).
What ideas could make it a perfect competition again?

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It’s a great question but I do think we have enough similar threads for it

Tokyo’s recruiting zone is Asia and J’berg’s is Africa.



Perfect solution.
With both a flag and a spoon every year, the gloomers and clappers could all be happy.


Add a Tassie team.

[email protected] Norf and GC off.

Thats it.


I can’t see the number of clubs changing from 18. So on this basis I actually like the idea of 3 conferences/divisons or whatever you want to call it. You play every team in your division home and away each year and play teams for the other 2 once only to get to 22 games. However it’s not perfect.

The major problems I see is balancing how you deal with travel and maximising local derbies. For example if you were in a group with both WA clubs you have 2 trips a year to Perth while some other clubs wouldn’t go at all.

One way around this is spreading the interstate teams evenly across the divisions. To spread the travel load evenly you could then do something like this:
-8 non Victorian teams plus Geelong are split into 3s across the groups with only 1 team from each state in each group
-then the 9 Melbourne based teams are split into 3 lots of 3

Then to get the 2 games a year for the local rivalries in this scenario you would need to bring in a 23rd round. Not ideal. Or maybe you rotate so you miss out on playing one of the other teams in your group once a year to get the local match up in. I would think for this to be fair the groups would need to be in place for two seasons at least so you play the teams from the groups home and away once.

Move Gold Coast to Tassie and rename them Cold Coast.


It’s funny how everyone says “leave the game alone”. With the amount of similar threads we’re all addicted to continual change.

Merge North and the Saints and send them to tassie. Saint colours, Tassie Kangaroos.

Oh and Firebomb Princess Park.

Happy days.


Agree. I don’t want any more change.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t give a fark when we play Gold Coast or GWS. I mean I hope we win to progress our season, but I’m just not invested in the result the same way I would be if we played a Carlton or Hawthorn (or hell even Sydney or West Coast). I don’t want any new teams because I won’t give a fark about them either, and I don’t like that.

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When the fixture comes out I’m excited by half a dozen games max. It’s why I actually like the one change being 17 games.

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Do we really need 2 x Queensland and 2 x Sydney teams.
The Suns are not competitive and there is talk of priority picks for them. Giants are a top team but as soon as their good players retire they will find it hard to be competitive without AFL’s help.
Lower Melbourne teams could find a merger deal and go to Tassie. We could get the competition down to 14 teams or 15 thus creating a bye mid year. Then with a little extension of the season each team should be able to play each other twice.
With less teams there will be a better concentration of the distribution of top players from the draft each year.
I rue the days of the 12 team competition where players came from zones. That was the whole point of the game. Where it was you lived is who you would play for and each team would try to develope their own players. Sure it could have been tweaked but it certainly was a territotial game then. Now its a mish-mash.

The answer to everything.


You know, I never thought about the possibility of 17 rounds. That’s an excellent idea. I shall think about it

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Don’t think too hard, lots of details. You’d need a treatise to explain it to someone.

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The only thing I want to change about the game is our recent finals record. The rest can get farked!

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How many Threads discussing the same thing do we really need/want? :thinking:

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