How many of the returning 10 play round 1?

Assuming all are fit and completed all of the preseason who our of the returning 10 get a gig for round 1? It’s a big game and no doubt the focus from the media will be hyping the returning players

Woosha will no doubt not play any emotional choices, and the side will be picked based purely on form etc.

Walkups: Watson, Hurley, Heppell, Hooker, Colyer, Myers,
Fighting for last 5 spots: Howlett, Stanton, Hocking, Bellchambers

Walkups from 2016: Zerrett, Daniher, Parish, Looney, Goddard, Dea, Kelly, Hartley, Fantasia, Zaka
Fighting for last 5 spots: Langford, Laverde, Francis, Gleeson, Ambrose, Brown, Bird

If I were picking the side today, and assumed they are all fit - my final 5 would be.
Langford, Ambrose, Francis, Stanton, Laverde