How many trade threads will we max out before the end of trade period?

We’ve achieved record membership, I think the Blitz community can really pull together and really set new standards in the amount of speculation, hysteria, mindless reposting and dissection of the latest pronunciations from know-nothing twitter accounts.

How many trade threads will we get through before we all move on to melting down the draft threads?

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  • 10 Darren Bewick

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remember when the saga thread would crash at like 200000 posts?

So no shiel , no gaff … casboult is available ? Maybe debating this will help determine thread numbers

Well I assume Kelly will account for over 10 thousand posts on day one of trade period…so…




Does this thread count as a trade thread? Is it a trick question?

If I just mention that I hope we get Setterfield and Martin, or if I quote Ricky Nixon, would that put it over the line? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


H. .

I’m only here cause I saw the word ‘trade’. Then I saw the poll, I love a good poll.

Cool your jets, poll lover.

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If there was a math equivalent to Pornhub, Bomb would have a premium account.

Enough polling, poll boy.

What do you mean “if”

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Imagine the beating that site gets when Bomb has a moment to himself…

:stuck_out_tongue: there you are. Bearded ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ kant.
Understand me now u old fuckbag!

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Well, dingus has been told.

Looks like sanga wants to get him in the car park after netball.


You are seriously the cookedest ■■■■ going around.

Understanding you is not a reasonable demand.