How old to wear a Football jumper to a game?

I agree. @alex.f.94 is stupid.

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What on earth are you on about?

I feel like I was very clear.
If you don’t understand, then say so.

I think jumpers and sports memorabilia are lame. Youre carrying on like a pork chop about inclusivity and smiles and random selfies.

Somehow I don’t think people are getting around in their sports memorabilia. Sports attire maybe, but memorabilia no.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love for people to get around wearing their signed James Hird medals frame or using Wayne Gretzkys ice hockey stick as a walking aid.


I apologise to everyone in this thread who has been silently thinking that I’ve been carrying on like a pork chop.

In support of the pics that I didn’t really think needed supporting, if the rest of you need more information, although I really don’t think you do.

I think passing down the colours to the next generation is super important.
And you can’t do that unless you wear them.

And I believe, I truly do, although I’m open to other opinions, that you simply don’t get that inclusivity, that feeling of safety and belonging, without it.

You don’t get that smile.
You don’t get that joy.

Oh, and back to the point, if we saw a twenty-something sneering we would laugh and laugh and then forget about them completely.


Talk about getting your knickers in an absolute knot.

There is no way you had time to read that.
That’s…I mean…I feel sympathy for you.

You don’t have to like my selfies. That’s okay.
I get that.

I wish you well, I really do.

In Thailand l had two sayings for people watching at the beach.
The bigger the German, the smaller the bathing suit.
The bigger the German, the smaller the Thai GF.

l wore board shorts, or at least that is what they used to be called.

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So like 18, it all goes in storage, really!?

Nah. Get a legend of the club to sign it and frame it.

Finally I’ve found another use for my signed James Hird picture.

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Who the hell is buying sports memorabilia before the age of 18?

Saving up money from your part time minimum wage job at Coles, to buy a framed signed James Hird poster for $600 at a sportsman’s night you’re too young to attend?


I tried to auction a signed Fletch 400 framed poster for the blitz game two years ago and got zero offers.

Screw you guys.
Could have had it for a pineapple.
Won’t be offered again.

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Who the hell buys sports memorabilia, generally?

People with disposable income to burn.

I.e. not people under 18.

Tony Jones is a nuff nuff sports talking head. Why would anyone with half a brain and a basic command of the language give a toss about what he has to say about footy jumpers, the Pope, global warming or the bank bill swap rate?


Woah. Woah. Ease up there tiger.

I’ve got a signed James Hird photo hanging on my office wall which I purchased from money earned working part-time at Coles.*

*I was 19, not 18, and it was only $65.



Far too old for memorabilia