How old to wear a Football jumper to a game?

I live my life by two incontrovertible truths:

  1. The opinions of others should have no bearing on what people wear or don’t wear.
  2. Tony Jones is a ■■■■.

Yeah it’s steep, but it is a very good jumper. Causes issues during day games because it gets to hot to wear.

I’m amazed that so many people feel the need to belittle what others choose to wear to the footy.
Wear team colours if you want or don’t.


I belittle opposition supporters for wearing opposition jumpers all the time.


Ah, now that’s different and entirely acceptable.


I’ve picked up the sleeveless version. I saw the '93 premiership version for about half the price, but I’m just such a sucker for that Speed Kills guernsey… It’s the best we’ve had, IMO.

Dom Perrottet says hi


Why ? Seriously overrated singer

Happy wife = happy life

What’s funny? Did I miss the joke?

The fact that you would try to bring gender into it. Just funny.

Well I didn’t see his ■■■■ but they presented like a guy so it’s only fair to label it as toxic masculinity…

The gender part is irrelevant.

My comment was directly in regards to a male at the concert, so the sex was relevant.

I always wear my long sleeve Essendon jumper to games either underneath a jacket or over the top of a hoodie.

I wouldn’t wear the jumper out however outside of a game

I would however wear a soccer top out quite often

I was thinking it was all about the lack of sleeves and then you come along with your long sleeved jumper story and ruin my theory.

Il say…

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Or something like this, I’ve got one of these :slight_smile:


I’m 34 and I wear one to every AFL game I go to except in MCC, and most VFL games I went to.


I suggest that @Saucy no longer be able to post on Blitz once they turn 18yo.

I mean, a grown-up on here? Pls.

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