How Old Were You When You Moved Out?

Was having this discussion with a couple of Gen Y’ers recently. Both early 20’s. Both blokes and neither of them has any intention of moving out of the family home.

For the sake of this discussion, Me, Gen X, left home at 17 and have never moved back in. Haven’t even asked the ol’ bag to do my washing. Never borrowed money or required feeding.

Don’t people crave independence anymore?

I moved out at 18 after high school. Didnt want to pay board at the time as I thought it was a rip off. I reckon most of this new generation just dont want to pay their way. Why move out when everything is done for them?

Parents also need to get a back bone and kick em out after a certain age. I reckon if they aren’t going to go to uni or do some form of education after High School, they can move out. Plenty of shared housing (which I ended up doing).

Unless the parents are doing it to help the kids save (which I doubt half these moochers are actually doing)… I say move em on

24, almost 25. Lived at home through Uni then for a couple of years working FT until I’d saved enough for a deposit on a very modest unit to move into. Was a win-win, I got cheap rent/board; parents got help with their mortgage rather than my rent helping some random property owner.

Would’ve been nice to have independence sooner but it also would’ve been a lot harder to get a start on buying rather than renting a place as well.

I’m 27 going on 28 and still at home
Was at home for my apprenticeship + 1 year, travelled for however we long and now am back studying.
Although my board when I’m working is basically the same as what rent would be

45 wog

It’s partly a change of culture, it’s partly because housing is freaking expensive.

I’m 23, moved out of home about six months ago. Probably wouldn’t have, because I’m a student and work part-time, but Ms CBH is awesome and earns a reasonable amount and insisted on paying for utilities if we split the rent.

The independence is great and I don’t regret the move at all. But paying rent isn’t much fun, and neither is putting up with landlords, agents, applications, inspections etc…

If we had stayed at the family home, even for a year, we’d have saved nearly $25,000, which goes a fair way towards a deposit on a $600,000 two bedroom unit in Woop Woop East that we’ll be paying off for decades.

Certainly don’t begrudge anyone my age who chooses not to move out; it’s a wise financial decision as much as anything else.


My eldest is 22 and he is still here. Hes had a couple of shots and the title, failed and dissapeared for a few days only to reappear again after about a week when he realised noone was chasing him or gave a ■■■■.


But want to give my daughter a better chance.

Looking forward to the posters with European background.

For me, was when I got married. Loved it! I think my parents didn’t mind because I was saving heaps of money and also helped around the house. I had two jobs, working as an accountant during the week and market on weekends because I hated being an accountant and needed a release. If I was just home playing on PS3 then they would have made me pay board and ■■■■ I reckon.

Our parents paid for our wedding but we contributed to it as well without them knowing. They have offered to pay for some of our stuff at home but I have refused. To pay them back a bit I bring them fruit and veggies for the week.

I had/have it pretty good.

ps: not trying to rub it in or anything, just acknowledging that I have pretty good parents and am very very grateful for it.

I moved out of home at 25. With study i couldn’t afford the rent. Plus, i had a sweet gig at home. When i did move out it caused a scandal, mum couldn’t face telling the wogs in the old country.

About 23. Had to pay $80 per week board and part of the phone bill from the moment I started working. Why would I move out? Both parents worked a lot and it was a big house. To be honest, we barely interacted unless we had to.

Wasn’t happy when I found out that my brother (5 years younger) who lived at home til he was 26 didn’t have to, because mum wanted him to pay off the loan he took out to buy an XR8.

My first two cars cost me $700 all up, because “you should learn the value of a dollar”

All you younger siblings can get farked.

Started fending for myself at 14. Moved to Australia at 16.

I stayed at home through university. Graduated and got a full time job at 20
Moved out at 22 in a share house with a couple of girls for a year. Basically parties every weekend and we lived right in the city so everyone would crash at our place on the weekends.
Then Moved back home to save a deposit for a house for a couple of years. Was paying $50 board a week and helped out on the farm. Then Bought house when 24-25.

Started fending for myself at 14. Moved to Australia at 16.

Sounds like there is an interesting back story here.

Where are you from originally?

The share house is one of life’s great experiences.


Moved to Melbourne and lived by myself. Been that way ever since. I hate people.

  1. My parents split up when I was 19, and it was just me and my old man in a huge house. He took it a bit hard for a while, so it was good to be around. I finished uni at 23, did the backpacking thing, then came home and got a job. Started thinking about moving out, and organised to share with some mates in an AMAZING place just near brunswick st. Promptly popped an ACL and decided to stay at home while i recovered (the wrought-iron spiral staircases would have been a challenge on crutches) then another mate jumped into my spot. Started looking around again once I was healed, eventually rented a unit by myself. I’ve never sharehoused, have always either lived by myself or with a gf.
Started fending for myself at 14. Moved to Australia at 16.

Sounds like there is an interesting back story here.

Where are you from originally?

Meh, not the time/place for it - from Europe.

  1. Super religious parents. I needed some space.
Started fending for myself at 14. Moved to Australia at 16.

Sounds like there is an interesting back story here.

Where are you from originally?

Meh, not the time/place for it - from Europe.

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