How quickly a team can change

B:     Bags        Hurley     Fletcher


HB: Gwilt    Hooker     Hibbo


C:   Dempsey  Watson    Colyer



HF: Chappy         JD           Goddard



F: Tbell        Carslisle       Z.Merrett



Rk: Giles Zaka  Heppell



int:Hocking,Colyer, Stanton, Gleeson,Myers Windas,J.Merrett, Kommer, Ambrose,Melsham,Howlett,Browne,Hams



Now that;s just a possible side, not a best 22. Any of the interchange can/will be there at some stage


What I'm saying is.......none of us can say with any certainty how we will go next year.


But I'm excited.......I see reasonable depth.


What I particularly like is the depth at half back.


The kind of depth that may not only allow Dempsey or Hibbo to play through the midfield more,but also that should they get injured Heppell/Myers and Goddard wont have to plug that hole.


This will allow them to stay part of midfield group where they're of most value.


If Tbell can stay fit, and Giles really contributes-I see a real bright 2015.


Lid off (ish)!!!!





Yeh, chuck the rangatang in there.


And Tippa!! ;)

What I'm saying is.......none of us can say with any certainty how we will go next year.

Which seems to be the main thinking with certain players selections over recent history, that in a few years they will be the players that we hope and expect them to be.


But it doesn't work like that, ATM we have now lost a ruckman who took 7 odd years to get anywhere near his potential, Melk still has big question marks about what sort of player he will actually become.


Tis why you can't just rely on the long game anymore, you have to plan for 4-5 years ahead, while also plan for the here and now and act accordingly, not act accordingly to where you perceive players will be in 4 years, cos it's to risky to be doing that in the changing landscape of the AFL.


Sorry used you're quote to go on a personal rant, but yes there's enough to be excited that if certain areas are addressed, next year could be a good year.