I am the greatest - Muhammad Ali

I am the greatest.

I watched him fight. Muhammad Ali’s Kentucky childhood bright pink house restored


‘It’s a matter of hours’: Stark warning from Muhammad Ali’s doctors as legendary boxer remains on life support and family ‘start making funeral arrangements’

PUBLISHED: 04:14 EST, 4 June 2016 | UPDATED: 13:03 EST, 4 June 2016

Muhammad Ali, 74, is reportedly on life support at a hospital in Arizona Doctors warned the legendary boxer is just hours from death, sources said
Three-time champion was taken to hospital ‘barely breathing’ on Thursday Family are by his side and have started making funeral plans, source said
Respiratory issues may have been complicated by his Parkinson’s disease Ali was hospitalized in January last year with severe urinary tract infection

Muhammad Ali’s family have started making funeral arrangements after doctors warned that the legendary boxer is just hours from death, sources claimed. The legendary boxer, 74, is reportedly on life support at a hospital outside Phoenix, Arizona, after he was found ‘barely breathing’ at his home on Thursday. Ali is surrounded by his family who rushed to be at his bedside on Friday after doctors warned his condition was ‘rapidly deteriorating’, Radar Online reported.

A source, who said he had spoken to the three-time heavyweight champion’s wife, Lonnie, said: 'It’s extraordinarily grave. It’s a matter of hours.
‘It could be more than a couple of hours, but it’s not going to be much more. Funeral arrangements are already being made.’
Ali was taken to hospital on Thursday with an ‘unshakeable cough’, a separate source said, with his reported respiratory problems likely to be complicated by his Parkinson’s disease.
‘Doctors are telling the family that it likely won’t be long until he passes away,’ one insider said.
Another source said Ali’s vitals ‘are terrible’, adding: ‘Ali is in dire straits and is rapidly deteriorating. His breathing has become very shallow, requiring tubes.’

Brutal: Ali stands over fallen challenger Sonny Liston, shouting and gesturing shortly after dropping Liston in a 1965 fight
His third wife Veronica Porsche said in an interview on Friday that her two daughters with Ali - Laila and Hana - were on their way to see their father. They are believed to have since arrived at the hospital.
‘My daughters have both flown there and I will be hearing from them when they arrive at the hospital,’ Porsche told Radar Online.
‘I can’t comment more than that but I will say it is not so great, I’ll just say that much. He’s a real hero. It’s a sad situation.’
Ali’s second wife, Khalilah, also said that one of her daughters was rushing to see the boxer in the hospital.
A source told Radar: 'The family feels that even if he somehow survives this setback, he’ll be left in a vegetative state.
‘He can’t stand due to stiffness in the legs. Before this incident, he would sometimes freeze upon standing, like his feet are stuck to the ground. Now he cannot even do that.’
They added: 'Doctors fear he’s in the early stages of dementia. Or possibly beyond that.
‘The family has gathered around him and is prepared for the worst.’

He has been hospitalised a few times recently but this time it looks very serious.

What a privilege to be alive at the same time as him.

ABC say he has died.


I heard Jobe is stopping by the Ohio River on the way home.

Should be an interesting conversation if he sees Joe up top.

Will anyone be alive by the end of this year.

So much greatness has been lost.



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Will anyone be alive by the end of this year.

I’m still here, so it is all good

Sing, Muhammad, Muhammad Ali
He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee
Muhammed, the black superman
Who calls to the other guy I’m Aaaaa aaaaa li catch me if you can

Channel 10 will have a special Sunday 9pm (based around Parkinson interviews?)

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I liked the boy.

Will anyone be alive by the end of this year.

I’m still here, so it is all good


A sad goodbye to another Hero.
Will be watching “When we were kings” after the game tonight.

See ya Champ.

We should have picked him up.

I re-watched the weigh in from Liston V Clay on hearing the news. He was manic and boxing was set on a new path. What he then did in the bout was extraordinary. To put it in perspective, beating S Liston at that time would have been like beating Mike Tyson at his peak. And Ali was only 22.

And to see heavyweight boxing perfection, see this:

Speed, power + movement.