I Touch Myself Project

If ComeBackDimma was here, he would have posted this thread. Just brilliant! A few of his (and my) favourite women in Aussie Rock!


Get behind the girls - so brave.


Oh, and take the time to read Sali's story - what a magnificent person you are Sali. http://itouchmyself.org/breast-cancer/sali-story





Thread title is very misleading…

I know it's for a good cause, but I just cannot watch a woman as straight as Kate Ceberano sing that song.

Or Olivia

l was in Vietnam when this thread was first posted and missed it. Many thanks Bomber McV for starting this thread, one of the more worthwhile threads on here, ever. Sali is a brave woman, not just for what she has been through, but for the tremendous spirit she displays in the way she has approached, and defeated, cancer.