If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


The club rings and speaks with Gil, we are very upset about this goalpost incident,
Gil says, well yes you are right but unfortunately, sadly, no 4 points, no free kick and no apology,
EFC say, thanks so much, have a nice day Gilly.


Expecting a bunch of outragous umpiring decisions to go our way at marvel this weekend as a leveler.

AFL house needs to keep engagement levels up amongst Essendon fans and really noone else will be watching.

West Australians turn up for the footy regardless.

AFL Inc rolls on.

I feel like I have just met my KPIs and should have my mid year bônus sorted out.


There would have been more money on Essendon for the win given the odds.


Who has got the ticket and got the guts to take AFL on over this?
They will pay you green folding stuff to go away and shup up. Win, Win.


Booing indicates engagement levels are high.


Probably right. Freo is also on their “get the maggots to stitch them up” list.



My Net BOOING scores, along with Outrage hashtag count will surely trigger my AFL share options for FY19. Upgrade the range rover this year me thinks.


this is whats its all about…back it in


After #Collingate (ANZAC day umpire debacle) and #Postclimbgate (Rampe) I can hardly wait to see what this week will bring…


Gil to fine the crowd for booing Fyfe :open_mouth:


Freo will have 19 men on the field for long enough to hit the front late in the game but the umpires will choose not to stop play, give the ball to Hep & impose a 50m penalty as the rule stipulates. Instead they will politely ask Fyfe if he could possibly have 1 of their players leave the ground when its convenient for them to do so…practical umpiring = practical corruption.


And when a fan rushes the field in frustration they’ll pay the free against us because there are 19 Bomber jumpers on the ground.

P.S. Autocorrect wanted to replace “the free” with “theft red”.


an Essendon win please


Good to see you are optimistic on getting a square up from the AFL. However, there is no chance of this happening.

They will continue to fark Essendon over until the cows come home, or we get a president/ceo with a massive media presence and the balls to stand up to them aka McGuire at Collingwood.


Oh I am not just optimistic, I am expecting it all right.

Fremantle will get a shafting this weekend.



As before, the AFL don’t worry about shafting Freo either. They already have their darlings in WA, so don’t care about the poor cousins down the road.

Freo copped a bashing by the maggots last week (the game where Richmond bravely won). The maggots will be in a quandary who to stitch up worse this week.


Xavier Campbell has confirmed we’re seeking “clarity” from the AFL on the incident.

Assuming clarity is a soft word for appealing?


from Don Air.

Cooney and all the players (zaka, Fanta Sia and Alwyn said it was a free.
albeit some didnt know the rule existed and hadnt seen anyone climb the post in all their years of footy.
But looked like Stringer knew the rule and told the umpires when the incident was happening.


If another “dubious” umpiring decision happens and changes the result of another one of our games, I would not be surprised if a Supporter totally went off.

I will be adding accidental damage to my insurance for this game as a precaution.


Could you imagine a similar situation happening in international soccer? I don’t know their rules well enough to find a specific but just imagine a free kick is being taken well outside the box so very little chance of scoring but the opposition does something illegal in the wall which the rules state means a penalty spot kick should be awarded. The Ref instead asks them to stop doing it & no penalty - it would cause riots!!!

There was serious anger in the stands after ANZAC Day & the only other time I can remember that tension was against the Swans last year when the clear as farking day holding the ball free to Tippa wasn’t paid. I genuinely fear tensions boiling over.