If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


Unless the AFL come out and admit a mistake was made (LOL), then I want to see Jake Stringer go back to the defence and go full King Kong on the post when some Freo turnip is taking a shot from 50+.


I’m at the point where I’m not sure if I’d be happier with us winning a flag or watching the whole competition get flushed down the sewer.

Pretty sad hey?


I’m glad Xavier has made a statement but it fell short. He should have declared that it should have been a free kick instead of asking whether it was a correct decision. I want to see him in full attack mode not asking polite questions. it almost sounded like he was questioning Rampe’s fine rather than his actions.


[quote=“Klawdy, post:684, topic:15872”]
I’m not sure if I’d be happier with us winning a flag or watching the whole competition get flushed down the sewer.

I think as a whole clubs are ok, its just afl house is full of complete turds.
put the people in charge of the VFA at the helm and it would be better run.
A cap on AFL official salaries may see them go off and find more lucrative jobs elsewhere.


“And what’s the rule in the unlikely event it happens again?”

Well that depends X on which side the perpetrator belongs to.


Those expecting a stonger response or representation from our executive should be well aware:




That ■■■■■■■ lying ■■■■■■■ gil has already said it was “technically a free kick” so what is the point of X asking if it was a free kick. He should have at least asked … Why wasn’t that free kick paid… Make him answer the question.
Given that it came so soon after the Anzac day rip off you would think the club would be breathing fire!


Yup, I mentioned this before. I’d like us to do exactly that in the Freo game this weekend. When the Freo player is kicking to their forwardline but well outside of scoring distance, I want somebody to start climbing the post and dare the umpire to pay a free against us. I want to see how the umpire and AFL handle exactly the same situation of a kick that’s supposedly not going to impact the outcome of the game.


Should just make it part of our warmup routine.
Heppell goes to toss the coin
Joey D is having shots at Goal
Hooker and Ambrose and Saad are all climbing the post and trying to get a hand on the kicks at goal.


So which player is sent up the goal post in the Freo match at a critical time of the match . With an understanding that EFC will pay the fine .




He would struggle to climb the post with his mangled hands


The AFL have completely snookered themselves on this issue. No matter what they say they will come out looking like a ■■■■■■■ joke.



Well, that’s pretty easy to do when they ARE a complete ■■■■■■■ joke.


did MYERSEY actually say that? oh lawwwd


He did.

Devon Smith talked about it in his article this week.

Also said that Myers said he can’t kick a torpedo because of his mangled hands and if he attempted it, it wouldn’t have gone very far.

Shaw is a ■■■■■■■ and editing Myers’ comments for his own agenda.


Shaw’s about as relevant, interesting, and personable as John-Michael Howson.


Still found a way to disparage EFC.