If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


Not sure Shaw was disparaging EFC. Probably just disparaging David Myers which, after all, is what we all do week in, week out!


I would have thought clarity is a soft word for NOT appealing, particularly when dealing with then AFL. We wouldn’t want to ruffle their feathers in a breeze.


Is it wierd that I’d actually like Stringer to be running the AFL?
Sometimes he seems to be the only one who knows what’s going on.
Except of course when he turns his back on the game, but hey, no different to the incumbents anyway.


Fly Myers to the Sydney. Put him on the scg goal line. Let him kick the goal. Award four points to Essendon.

A bit like this from 96 where the game continued days later :





Six days later. That’s very cute.


Gill’s statement of it being a common sense none call seems backward to me.

If we were up by 30 points then to make the call is perhaps less necessary as the result of the game is already in no doubt.

When to call or not to call a free absolutely effects the result of the game then the call must be made.

In any sport around the world at a stopped play the technical decision would have been made.

The NBA for example would have stopped the game, the umps would look at the vision and make the correct call.

Gill’s common sense makes no sense.


Exactly right!
I swear, I was reading through this thread and was going to write what you wrote, then got to 5 posts from the end and you’d done it for me!
The siren had already gone, so nothing else would be impacted by doing this.

(Won’t happen.)


AFL will find a way to have this whole issue deduct four points from us.


I will very confidently speculate that Stringer knows this rule because he probably got pinged for it in hi junior days.

Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Swans Loss review with Ronny Lerner

So have we had our written response yet from the AFL. :joy:

Expected today.


They’re trying to word a response in such a way it that doesn’t contradict itself yet it does at the same time.


"Dear Xavier,

Thank you for your letter dated 15/05/2019, in which you sought clarification of the incident that took place at the end of the Sydney versus drug cheats Essendon match on Friday, 10/05/2019.

After careful consideration of a number of factors, we are pleased to provide you with the following:

Because ■■■■ you, that’s why.

Kind regards,

Gillon McLachlan, Esq
Chief Executive Officer of the AFL"


We play the bin chickens again in round 16.

Make it an 8 point game, highest total from both games wins.

Game starts with Myers kicking from goal square
(unfortunately we would have to select him to play)

Double or nothing Gil.


Stringer could have tried to ripping him off, but he would of been pinged for deliberately shaking the goalpost. free kick at the opposite end. Thats how the system works.


It guess it comes down who the umpires dislike more us or Freo and pay more or less attention to because of that bias.

How ridiculous how could I say that, when everyone knows there is no bias by the umpires in the AFL.


This is the best idea I’ve heard out of the clusterfark that was last Friday.


Sweet. Wonder why they have taken só long to publish on the clubs website.