If you could be Jackets for an hour, what would you do?

only an hour? can’t get fk all done in an hour. i’d just play on the computer. some solitaire, maybe medium difficulty minesweeper. bit of 3d space cadet pinball.


Buy a new fax machine


Do whatever it takes to make sure we get Josh Rachele at the draft.

Book a trip in to Tiwi to unearth a academy gem small forward with pace. also book tickets for Forster Knight, Sheedy and Benfti.

Advocate for greater list sizes with the AFL.

Tell Wanganeen, Moore we will pick them up. Don’t go too hard at draft camp.

Get SIlvagni to use his contacts and see what blues are potentially gettable after the Teague coach sacking - Petrevski-Seton, Brodie Kemp, Matthew Kennedy, etc.

Send a text to Mozzie, to see how he is going, if he would consider a comeback should a spot become available?

go to bomberblitz on his laptop and see if he has a username / login etc

One thing that needs to be said is that whilst every recruiting department has hits and misses, surely this year has shown supporters just how important a unified club , good coaching and clear headed direction is when we all start pontificating on the job Jackets and Co have done?

This time last year we were a rabble. All the players were trash, delist/trade them all, a packet of chips, the list was talentless, going nowhere, divided, selfish, unskilled, don’t care, no heart, the recruiters were morons, Parish is a C grader, Zerrett doesn’t compete, we wasted our picks on talls, blah blah blah.

Essentially the same group of players just had an excellent year against the odds, the improvement was palpable, there’s clearly elite talent present and the group buy-in / desire to compete was a complete turnaround.

The recruiters have to get the right names. But it doesn’t mean ■■■■ if the actual development and culture around those names is rancid. And the balance between the two is so precarious that we’re all just guessing, frankly. So, kudo’s to the club in totality, and lets keep it mind when tempted to revert to goldfish mode from moment to moment.

Edit: LOL, wrong Jackets thread. Meh, i’ll leave it here anyway.


Looking at how Kossie Pickett and Charlie Cameron have really energised their respective teams, I can’t help but feel we are missing an outside quick player with good goal sense and flair. Sure, players like that can go missing in games but they can also breathe a lot of confidence into the rest of their team when they go and do the unexpected and create headaches for opposition coaches.

I’m handing over my 1hr Dodoro jacket to @benfti

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If we could add a player like that it would take a lot of pressure off Tippa too

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Agreed, but Tippa is also 29 and may not be the player he was when our team is meant to be hitting their peak in 2-4 years time. We need to find someone soon to be that player. We may even need to find more than 1.

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you certainly wouldn’t complain if you had more than one Kosi Pickett on the list.

I saw an old clip of Andrew lovett someone posted on twitter last week

Man what I wouldn’t give to find another player like him at essendon… minus the off field stuff of course


Apply for the Carlton head of recruiting position and then bring in as many GWS hacks as possible.

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Send GC a receipt for money received for 2MP’s contract


Recruit the son of an umpire


Lovett Mark 2 please

Bang Mrs Jackets?

If I could be Jackets I would do up at least one more button

Fist pump, tell new recruits they’re in, find out what’s in those enormous pockets and film it all for the EFC website. Then ring those journos, ask them for tips on how I can be easier to deal with, and hang up mid-call as they respond.


get a 2nd rounder
use 2nd rounder on a safer pick than traditional strategy dictates
use 3rd rounder on a risk/upside pick
see what happens

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Use pick 11 on a delisted Levi casboult.