If you could kick one goal for Essendon

How would you kick it?


I keep watching Goddard's goal in the last quarter where he gets the handball in the goal square and launches it to the top deck. Reckon that's how I'd like to do it. Absolutely snot the crap out of the ball from point blank.

C Danihir, fend off in the '93 GF style.



 From 5 metres out into demetrious face.

Pack mark an 80 meter bomb at the top of the square from either Fletch or Myers with scores level and 3 seconds left in the grand final.

Running into the goal square at the end where the opposition cheer squad are located and absolutely drilling it hard and low.

Grand Final.


50 out, on the boundary after winning the hard ball.


On the run I do an impossible running banana that goes through just before the siren to ■■■■■■ the win.



#Then I proceed to be the first player in AFL history to strip bare  and do a nude lap in celebration.

 From 5 metres out into demetrious face.

good imagery

The sealer in the grand final from 50 out an on tough angle

Melksham style, vs Cats in 2012

A barrel from 2m straight into that fat prick in the eagles cheer squad fat head

Pocket. Contested mark, not paid, followed by don’t argue then kick across the body. Against Carlton. Then I get interviewed on the footy show and give the ump who failed to pay the mark the finger.

I'd do it Paddy Ryder style.


Banana from 50m on the boundary, straight through the middle.

Kicking out from fullback.

Lead out, chest mark, thirty five out, forty five degree angle, straight through the big sticks.

Michael Long '93 Grand Final style.


Run the length of the field kick the ball and watch it clearly touch a Carlton players hands and watch him turn around in absolute dismay as the goal umpire signals the goal and win the Norm Smith medal.


■■■■ Carlton

Wouldn’t mind how I did it as long as it followed about 20 previous team goals in the Grand Final, this year.

I would be happy with a simple 75 metre torp on my wrong foot.

Like Lucas vs Blues in 1998.


Time on in the last, scores level, full-back of the century SOS scrubs a kick out of defensive 50 that misses its target... allowing me to mop up the ball and go BANG from 45 out straight over his head for the match-winner. And then do a jumping full-■■■■ bear-hug with Ryan O'Conner in celebration...

Ricky Dyson ANZAC day

Ricky Dyson ANZAC day

If we were on the same team I'd follow it up with a Zaka style sealer