In: Brad Lloyd?


How is the point not evident there. Goddard would no doubt have needed significant coaxing to jump ship. And look how good of a move it was.


So might Lloyd, they would love it when they get here, and do an awesome job which will help the club. We would have had to do a bit of work on Hird, and lots on Bomber. Not being prepared to chase success hammer and tong is one of the reasons clubs get where we were 10 years ago (at the risk of over generalising).

The point was irrelevant because the situations are not even vaguely similar.


But, to Llyod. I personally think Lloyd would be a good choice for the gig, but the fact is, he doesn't want to do it. And has said so on more than one occassion apparently. I just don't think arm twisting gets you the best personel. I'd rather someone who said "yep, I'd like that job" myself. But maybe that's just me.


If you take someone saying "I'm happy here" publicly at face value. It isn't always, as you well know. (see: current coach, also previous/next/suspended coach). IIRC Goddard was "happy to stay" up until about halfway through the year, then went very very quiet.

People can have any number of reasons not to jump at the very first opportunity.