In what round will the Pies sack Bucks?

This thread is inspired by today’s complete lack of effort.

Nominations please.


This should be a poll

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You are probably right, but there are too many rounds to fit them all into a poll.


He was one of the few coaches that stood up and backed Essendon and Hird during the saga, so part of me has some sympathy for him…

On the other hand he is FIGJAM and the face of the scum for many years so I hope he will be sacked with about 3 or 4 rounds to go.


I really hope they don’t sack him.


Back to watching the Pies now.

No goals in the third quarter.
What a terrible advert for the game.

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Yet I’m sitting here giggling to myself.

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What’s the term for a rebuild when you just tear the existing structure down and sit on a vacant wasteland for a couple of years?

Rebuilding from this years draft is shot too.

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checks score


I thought KKK’s goal was 3rd quarter?

I’ll go against the grain here a bit. But I don’t mind him, and I reckon he’s a pretty good coach.

Collingwood’s list management and in particular salary management has destroyed them and maybe I’m under estimating his role in that.

But his teams over the last 5 years or so have been well organised and pretty competitive. One kick away from a flag.

He can only work with the cattle he has…and their talent pool dips badly after their top 5 to 7 players.

Reckon he’ll survive at pies…but needs another assistant in the Justin Lonmuir vein ( ball movement specialist) like we got with Cara.


Think we can narrow the options down.

When will Collingwood sack Buckley?

  • Round 11 - Today
  • Round 13 - vs Melbourne
  • Round 16 - vs Saints
  • Round 18 - vs FarkCarlton
  • Round 21 - vs Hawthorn
  • Round 23 - vs Essendon
  • They won’t - Eddie has the photos

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How the hell do you kick 1 goal 13 behinds.

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It was, but it happened after l posted.

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Won’t get sacked IMO

They will use him to do the rest of the hard yards in culling list/ trading players fans will be ■■■■■■ off about etc.

They’ll play the kids and then maybe maybe he gets to be the one to see the next wave through or they will cut him for someone else after all the foundation work been done.

Was already being spoken about a 1yr extension for him recently I thought

Not the way Pies do things. Their supporters want finals appearances by divine right.

I think that’s a pretty popular opinion tbh. I thought he was a flog until I started watching his coaching pressers. Refreshingly honest and speaks well.


He can speak as well as he likes, still can’t coach. (except on ANZAC day)